‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Week Of January 7 Brings Doubts, Troubled Souls, And Lifted Spirits

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 7 suggest that there are a lot of developments on the horizon. Relationships are in flux all across Port Charles, and teasers hint that there’s a wide mix of feelings set to shake things up during the next few episodes.

She Knows Soaps details that Sam will be quite worried about Kristina in the days ahead. Sam and Jason paid a visit to her new home with the D.O.D. crew, and they both are suspicious of the setting and Shiloh. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Sam will be feeling like an outsider this week, and Soap Central teases that Sam and Drew will be helping one another in some sense.

As the Inquisitr shared previously, there is a lot this coming week involving Julian, Kim, Drew, and Alexis. There are confrontations on the way, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Kim and Drew will consider what comes next for them. In addition, Terry will be sharing some updates on Oscar’s prognosis and Oscar will be leaning on Josslyn.

Franco will be feeling rather anxious about something, and viewers will see Franco and Ava crossing paths. It sounds as if they’ll be leaving one another rattled somehow, and additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge about this situation soon. Elizabeth has been quite worried about Aiden, but she’s going to be getting good news of some nature late in the week.


Griffin will run across someone troubled at the chapel, and it sounds like it might be Sonny. During the course of this week, Anna will spend some positive time with Peter. He had been quite resistant to building a relationship with his mother, but it looks like he’s thawing day-by-day on that front and he’ll be doing something to help Anna while she grasps at a second chance.

Lulu will be very much in the mix of things this week. She’ll talk with Sonny, Margaux, and Peter at various points, and General Hospital spoilers hint that all of this talk and digging around could put her in a precarious position.

Viewers will see Ned acting sympathetic and compassionate in the days ahead, and General Hospital spoilers note that Finn and Alexis will spend some time catching up with one another. Olivia will struggle with some doubts of some sort, and Valentin will be fawning over Nina now that he’s won her back for the moment.

General Hospital spoilers detail that there’s more between Ryan and Laura ahead, and the following week, it looks like there will be another victim as Ryan’s reign of terror throughout town continues. The week of January 7 should be one jam-packed with action, and viewers will be anxious to see what comes next.