Ryan Reynolds’s Punch: Actor Slugs Co-Star Scott Speedman For New Movie

Ryan Reynolds’s punch looks worse than it really is.

The 36-year-old actor is in Canada filming his new film, Queen of the Night, when a photographer captured the moment Reynolds laid out co-star Scott Speedman. Ryan Reynolds’s punch wasn’t a moment of passion between the two but instead a scene from the suspense movie.

The movie, directed by Atom Egoyan, is about a man trying to locate his kidnapped daughter. It also stars Rosario Dawson.

Reynolds plays a man whose daughter is supposedly dead, but he receives clues that she may still be alive. Dawson plays the detective in charge of the investigation into the girl’s possible death or disappearance. It wasn’t clear what role Scott Speedman will play, other than “the guy who gets punched by Ryan Reynolds.”

Aside from getting to punch Scott Speedman, shooting has had challenges for Ryan Reynolds, People magazine notes. The Canadian-filmed scenes brought frigid temperatures, and his new wife, Blake Lively, was seen joining Reynolds, decked out in plenty of warm layers of clothes.

Reynolds appeared to put a lot of oomph into his punch, E! News noted. But things looked much worse for the 37-year-old Speedman, who was at the receiving end of the fake punch. In the picture released by the studio, Speedman is falling backward to the ground while Ryan Reynolds follows through with his punch.

“Hopefully, though, Mr. Reynolds put his stunt-fighting skills to good use,” E! News noted. We can’t have him damaging Speedman’s powerful good looks!”

Here is the full look at Ryan Reynolds’s punch:

Ryan Reynolds's Punch: Actor Slugs Co-Star Scott Speedman For New Movie