January 6, 2019
American Supermodel Olivia Culpo Spreads Her Legs, Plays With Her Hair In Leather-Clad Biker Look

American actress and supermodel Olivia Culpo has been turning heads for quite some time, flaunting her enviable figure in front of the entire world in so many high-fashion events. Now, in her most recent share made to popular social media platform Instagram, Culpo has captured the attention of a large crowd of her most ardent admirers yet again.

In this particular image, Culpo can be seen sitting with her legs spread while resting on a slatted wooden chair. Wearing tight leather pants that cling to her every curve, the I Feel Pretty starlet shows off her toned and slender thighs and calves. Featured prominently in the photographic frame as well are a pair of hot red leather boots bearing a sexy, razor-thin stiletto heel.

The leather look doesn't end there, however. Accessorizing with a traditional biker-style hat which contains her signature chestnut tresses -- styling them down to frame her face and neck -- Olivia Culpo seems to be blending the martial power of a motorcyclists ensemble with a high-fashion chic. She dons a tight black tank top on her upper torso, layering it with a very fashionable black topcoat which suits the motif entirely. A black strap bedecked with chains and dangling charms cuts across her chest, accentuating her bust and drawing attention to the smallest details of her overall aesthetic. A charm in the mold of Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower can be seen hanging from the handbag strap.

Olivia uses her free hand to play with her locks in a casual yet somewhat coy manner.

Holding a takeout container filled with what appears to be hot soup, Olivia Culpo also captioned the photo with a message insinuating that she had just engaged in some "tea time." Given that the geotag attending the snapshot claims that the picture was taken in Kyoto, Japan, it would seem that the former Miss Universe is engaging in some authentic Japanese cuisine while conducting her globe trotting.

Her fans and followers on Instagram also seemed to appreciate Olivia's candid snap, showering it with over 63,000 likes in addition to nearly 400 comments in just a few hours since it had first been posted. One user wrote, "The most gorgeous young lady in the universe! Oops, you knew that already," while another Instagram fan quipped, "Those boots!!!"

Olivia Culpo has been making headlines lately for her alleged romantic rekindling with boyfriend Danny Amendola. As E! Online details, rumors have been swirling suggesting that Olivia and the Miami Dolphins wide receiver have "reconnected," and are "working on their relationship."

Congratulations to the lucky, and beautiful, couple!