Donald Trump Tweets To Brag About Americans Getting 84 Cent Raise

President Donald Trump is facing unexpected backlash after tweeted about something that he saw as a positive. Trump posted on Twitter that Americans have had their wages grow during his tenure by 84 cents, which many people don't believe is anything to boast about.

Raw Story says that on Saturday night, Trump took the time to tweet about what he thought was something to let Americans know.

"The number of employed Americans has now set a 14th record under President Trump. Over the year, average hourly earnings have increased by 84 cents, or 3.2%. Participation Rate hits Trump-Era High. And we will do even better with new trade deals and all else!"

But if Trump thought that he was going to get positive responses on social media, he is likely rather disappointed after people piled on with criticism of the tweet itself and of Trump as president.

"Most Presidents don't see the need to brag about any tidbit of a compliment. Good Presidents don't have to brag at all. And then there's you. Enough said."

There were a few tweets in support of Trump, but they are the exceptions. Most people just seem disappointed that with so many people out of work, this is how the president of the United States is using his time.

Many people were offended that Trump still feels comfortable bragging about something that seems meaningless at the end of the day. Some wondered about Trump's mental state.

"Beware of those who speak of themselves in the 3rd person for they require frequent praise and are incapable of dealing with criticism."

Over the last month, Donald Trump has started facing criticism from unexpected places, including on various shows on Fox News. On the show Outnumbered, Julie Banderas called out Trump for his visit to Iraq, and the things he said to the troops.

"We're no longer the suckers, folks."

Banderas said that she can't imagine ever calling any soldiers "suckers."

"I would never consider us, as a country, as the United States, 'suckers.' We have always led the fight in every major war. Military men and women, I believe, deserve way more respect than that."

Jessica Tarlov, also of Fox News, added that even though she appreciates that Trump went and visited the troops, she's disappointed that he boasted about a raise of 10 percent that was not true, and the way in which he treated the visit as a campaign rally instead of a presidential visit.