Ohio Senate Introduces Bill To Prevent Infringement On Second Amendment Rights

Ohio has joined a growing number of states that have introduced or passed legislation opposed to federal gun control initiatives. Ohio Senate Bill 36 was introduced by Republican State Senator Kris Jordan. Fellow Republican Tim Schaffer was noted as an Ohio SB36 co-sponsor when the bill was introduced on Tuesday.

If Ohio Senate Bill 36 is passed, if would be a first degree felony for any law enforcement officer to attempt to enforce a gun ban, according to the Tenth Amendment Center website. The Second Amendment legislation would also prohibit the seizure of any legally owned firearm, according to the Ohio General Assembly website. Forced gun registration would also be prohibited under the Second Amendment bill in the Buckeye State.

Senator Jordan referenced US Senator Dianne Feinstein’s comments during an interview on 60 Minutes in 1995 when detailing the bill. An excerpt from Senator Feinstein’s remarks read:

“These law abiding Ohioans are not the ones to be scared of, rather it is the politicians who say it is their goal to disarm Mr. and Mrs. America that we should fear.”

Ohio SB36 is expected to easily pass through the GOP controlled state general assembly. Supporters of the Second Amendment reinforcement bill anticipate that Governor John Kasich will sign the legislation. The fiscally conservative governor has publicly stated that he is a supporter of the Second Amendment.

A statement made by Governor Kasich after the Newtown tragedy reads:

“I’m a Second Amendment supporter and that’s not going to change. There are a range of issues at play here involving mental health, school security and a culture that at times fails to reject the glorification of violence that can desensitize us to the sanctity and majesty of life. Going forward, we need to pay close attention to what the experts conclude from this incident in order to see if there are lessons to be learned and applied here in Ohio.”

Do you support Ohio Senate Bill 36 and bills in other states designed to prevent infringement upon the Second Amendment?

Ohio SB 36

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