Pregnant Amy Schumer Models A Swimsuit By Emily Ratajkowski’s Inamorata On Instagram

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Emily Ratajkowski’s been busy spotlighting fans of her Inamorata swimwear line on the brand’s Instagram page, and that means that photos of her friend Amy Schumer rocking the Leucadia made it to the feed. The post was captioned, “Umm. You guys. @amyschumer and her cute bump rocking the Leucadia. All we can say is…QUEEN!” The first photo showed Amy standing on a balcony overlooking a beautiful ocean view, as he threw her hands up in the air and smiled widely while sporting sunglasses. The second photo was of Amy grabbing onto the railing with her right hand, as she covered her mouth with her left. The Leucadia is a one-piece swimsuit with a plunge cut in the front and thong-cut bottoms.

Emrata and Amy notably were arrested together during a Brett Kavanaugh protest in 2018. That experience likely only strengthened their friendship, as Ratajkowski gave the comedian this nod.

Schumer’s personal Instagram page shows her posing with her husband, Chris Fischer. She joked in the captions, saying, “This is a couple who loves each other but does not understand how to pose but does understand that when away from Tatiana I will represent her on my hat and my shoes.” The two stood on the grass at a spot overlooking mountains and the ocean, as Amy sported a gray outfit and held a pink hat with her left hand. Chris wore a red t-shirt and shorts.

Schumer previously opened up to the Guardian about her relationship with her husband.


“He’s 38, I’m 36, so, you know, we are not completing each other. We already are who we are and just want to support and encourage each other. And so I’m psyched that I don’t have to be zipping up my knee boots, leaving someone’s apartment at 3am. I’m done.”

Amy also added that she was glad that her relationship with Chris was unlike the others before, “where you’re like, come on, pleeease meet my parents. I can’t believe I dealt with any of that bullsh*t before! This was like, oh my God I f*cking love this person, and I admire him, and we’re a team and he was ready.”

Not to mention, the comedian has been keeping fans updated on her pregnancy, including all of the ups and downs. She also made several jokes about being pregnant at the same time as Meghan Markle, and only time will tell whether their due dates will be close to each other or not. Whatever the case, fans are looking forward to meeting Amy and Chris’ first child together.