‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Other Half Of Nina’s Heart Necklace May Show Up Unexpectedly

Todd WawrychukABC Press

One of the many big storylines that are ongoing on General Hospital is now coming out with more details being revealed. There is Mike’s Alzheimer’s story, the big baby switch, Ryan Chamberlain’s murderous rampage, and a new mystery involving this new Hank/Shiloe character. The other big one that has yet to be revealed is if Nina’s real daughter is still out there alive somewhere.

Viewers now know that Sasha really isn’t her daughter after all, thanks to Valentin Cassadine. His scheme to get Nina back seems to have been a success. However, it is likely to all blow up in his face very soon. General Hospital spoilers down the road mention that this girl could still be around somewhere and that Nina will soon learn that she was being played by her husband and by Sasha. SheKnows Soaps also teases that Nina’s daughter supposedly has the other half of the heart necklace in her possession and Nina may just spot it very soon.

Nina believes that her daughter has the other half that goes with her portion of the necklace. Sasha knew nothing about it, of course, and Nina just blew it off. However, she may soon see it on someone else. Who could that be?

Many General Hospital fans strongly believe that her real daughter will turn out to be Willow Tait, Charlotte’s elementary teacher. They have encountered each other a few times now with the whole bullying story with Charlotte and Aiden. Nina is not a fan of Willow’s and vice versa.


These two women will be totally shocked if the rumors turn out to be true that they are mother and daughter. Nina has been quite mean to Willow so far, so it will take some time before they warm up to each other. Willow won’t be too keen on having a mother who is on the verge of bullying herself. But Willow will need an extra shoulder to cry on when she finds out that the child she gave up for adoption has died and is involved in a baby swap.

Viewers are just waiting for the day when Willow appears on screen wearing the heart necklace. Of course, that is just speculation for now, but it does make sense that Nina’s real daughter is alive and living in Port Charles. It will make for an interesting storyline if she finds out that the one person she currently dislikes the most is the daughter that she gave birth to and has longed for.

Nina will also be furious when she discovers that Valentin set this whole charade up just to get her back in his life. The next few weeks on General Hospital should lead up to the necklace reveal very soon.