Jen Selter Bares Derriere In Thong Bikini On Instagram

David Becker / StringerGetty Images

Jen Selter is kicking of 2019 with a strong start, as she continues her usual stream of posts to keep her 12.6 million Instagram followers updated on her life. Her newest post shows her at the beach wearing a revealing thong bikini bottom, which she paired with either a bikini top or crop top of the same color. Jen was photographed from the side, as she grabbed her body with her right hand and put her left fist under her chin for a contemplative look. The backdrop showed ocean waves and a lone seagull.

“Saturday my NEW Sculpted Curves Workout program is out, link in my bio to train with me and join the challenge!!” she captioned the post.

The workout program is listed on Fitplan, which offers monthly rates as low as $7.99 if paid all at once as an annual plan. The most expensive option is a monthly plan, which costs $15.99. The workout lasts for 56 days, five days a week, with 30 minute workouts. It includes workouts for all levels and weight lifting. Plus, the goals are to shred fat, tone and tighten, and gain booty. That’s a pretty comprehensive program, and no doubt some of her Instagram fans will be inspired to join in after following Jen’s life, as she shares fitness and nutrition secrets.

Jen previously spoke with NewBeauty about some of her fitness secrets, including ways to sculpt one’s derriere.

“Some of my favorite lower body movements are squat and lunge variations, stair master intervals and kickbacks. I like working them into my workout routine by doing them in two-movement supersets, or Tabata-style, to get my heart rate up. I share all of my workout tips and a complete lower body and booty guide on my app with Fitplan. You get a free week trial, and it’s where I share all my secrets to reach your lower body’s best potential!”


Plus, Selter emphasized the importance of nutrition.

“There’s only so much you can do in a gym, nutrition is just as important! It’s crucial to fuel your body with the proper nutrients to recover fast and build muscle. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for cheat meals! A healthy life and a healthy diet is all about balance.”

Named the No. 2 “Top Influencer” by Forbes during their first such list ever, it’s obvious that Jen has made a mark, not just in the social media world, but also in fitness. Before she carved out her social media empire, Jen was working as a front desk gym clerk, but she’s now well known for her upbeat personality and physique by millions.