Padma Lakshmi Rocks A Yellow Bikini On Instagram

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Padma Lakshmi looks like she’s enjoying the sun in her latest Instagram post, as she wore a bright yellow bikini while sporting aviator-style glasses. She tagged the post with hashtags #girlsweekend and #beachreads, as Padma held a red book that was partially visible in the photo. It was also geo-tagged Miami Beach, Florida, so many fans welcomed her to the city, while others talked about Top Chef.

The TV host’s Instagram Stories gave further insight into her Miami trip, as it revealed that she’s with her “cousin/sister” Rajni. Plus, she revealed that she was reading Call Them By Their True Names By Rebecca Solnit. Plus, Lakshmi shared screenshots of fans enjoying some of her highlighted recipes, including someone who took a picture of their Cranberry Drano.

That’s something Padma shared with fans a few days ago, saying “I made this ‘Cranberry Drano’ to help me reset after @bravotopchef but it’s also perfect for after holiday shenanigans.” It calls for unsweetened cranberry juice, fiber powder, and Emergen-C. Plus, she added hot green tea, honey, and ice cubes. Fans have thanked Lakshmi, many people saying they tried it a couple days in a row and that it’s helping them flush out their system.

Previously, Padma spoke to the Cut about what she does while she’s filming Top Chef.


“I want to eat very clean, simple and healthy when I’m not on set. I also don’t want my child eating room service for weeks on end. Sometimes I’ve had corporate apartments, which always have kitchens. But often that’s not possible so we have a hotel suite – and we make our kitchen with a plastic folding conference table, hot plate, blender, and toaster. On one hot plate we can make spaghetti with tomato sauce, stir-fried noodles, and eggs every morning, and we wash pots and pans in the bathtub.”

So ironically, while Lakshmi is enjoying creative, innovative design while filming the show, she has to cook everything on a hot plate when she’s at her hotel.

This year’s season of Top Chef was filmed in Kentucky, with stops in Louisville, Lexington, and Lake Cumberland, according to E! News. The head judge is Tom Colicchio as usual, with others including Graham Eliot and Nilou Motamed. This is also the first season where the “Restaurant Wars” episode features three restaurants instead of the usual two. Guests throughout the season feature renowned chefs Eric Ripert, Emeril Lagassé, Art Smith, and many more.