‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Adds Another Person To His Growing List Of Victims

Craig SjodinABC Press

Ryan Chamberlain’s victim list is growing way too quickly on General Hospital. His latest killing was just last week when he murdered producer Peyton Mills. Now it’s about to happen again. The infamous serial killer is getting desperate to keep his identity top secret, but that is getting a bit harder to do now that people close to him are asking way too many questions.

Ryan will do whatever it takes to not blow his cover, and that certainly means that he will be adding to his list of victims yet again. Upcoming General Hospital spoilers that have been shared by SheKnows Soaps say that Kevin’s twin brother will claim another victim. That is expected to happen the week of January 14, but the week of January 7 will be leading up to this.

Who will the next victim be? That is a mystery right now, but Ryan has a few targets in mind who are getting on his nerves. More importantly, they are getting in his way and may end up blowing his cover if he’s not careful. Laura is high up there, especially since she vowed to make sure that Ferncliff be reformed at the town meeting at Charlie’s Pub on Friday’s episode.

The end of the show had Laura alone at Sonny’s gym just as Ryan was lurking behind her. The previews for Monday’s General Hospital revealed that Ryan wants to tell her something. Even though he wants nothing more than to kill Kevin’s wife, it is doubtful that will happen.

Laura’s daughter, Lulu Falconeri, is also causing some major irritation with Ryan. She is doing some digging of her own and that makes her a prime target as well. Some viewers think that he will try to go after Lulu, but he won’t succeed. The spoilers indicate that he actually claims another victim this time around and it is very unlikely that it will be another major character. Or maybe it will be.

Besides Lulu and Laura, another name being thrown out is Lucy Coe. She is a longtime recurring character on the ABC soap, so that would be another major blow for General Hospital fans to lose her. It seems like the next victim would be someone that is a little less visible.

There is a possibility that Ryan Chamberlain could try to attack someone but is not successful this time. He could start getting careless as he gets more arrogant on his killing spree in Port Charles.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if there are any clues as to who Ryan sets his sights on to be the next person to be written on his dark list.