Kevin Wendt & Astrid Loch Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Settle Into Canadian Life Together, Hint At New Adventures

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Several couples from Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise were together and doing well at the time of the reunion show last fall, and that list included Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt. Viewers watched as Astrid and Kevin connected almost immediately after filming started, but everybody was stunned when Wendt panicked and broke things off with Loch just before the finale. Luckily, the two reunited on their own and their latest updates show that they are doing really well.

As the Inquisitr recently detailed, Astrid Loch has officially moved from Florida to Toronto, Canada, where Kevin lives. The two mentioned that they had put in an offer on a new place, and their latest Instagram posts show that they’ve been working on settling into their home together.

Loch recently shared a photo via Instagram showing her with Wendt, and she made it clear that they are in a very happy place together. Kevin has been, and continues to be, quite open about the anxiety he deals with and how that impacted his decision to break things off with Astrid during filming in Mexico. Luckily, it appears that he’s got a pretty solid handle all of that these days.

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Happy af ????.

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Kevin and Astrid spent Christmas and the new year celebration together and shared adorable photos showing them ice skating together at an outdoor rink in Canada. Wendt joked in his post about the outing that he was trying to teach Loch how to skate and that he was tempted to snag a helmet from one of the kids on the rink.

The Bachelor in Paradise stars have their times of whooping it up with franchise besties, but they laid low together on New Year’s Eve. Kevin joked that he and Astrid fell asleep before midnight, but they packed in plenty of casual fun before they crashed.

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My Christmas gift is wrapped in red plaid.

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Sometimes Bachelor franchise couples make it seem as if they’re trying really hard on social media to convince everybody they’re happy and doing well. When it comes to Astrid and Kevin, most fans would likely say that they look content and comfortable in their relationship, and that it appears they are truly doing great as a couple.

Wendt and Loch may be spending this first holiday season settling into their new Toronto home together, but they are already making travel plans for later in the year. They were in Bali shortly after their Bachelor in Paradise season aired for an “Active Escapes” trip, and it looks like they’re doing it again in May, according to an Instagram post..

Astrid and Kevin have shared lots of updates on the charity work they’ve done; his firefighting gig that he continues, her worldwide travels, and everything in-between. They aren’t engaged yet, nor have they shared much in the way of updates about getting engaged anytime soon. However, these Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds appear to be perfectly content with the state of their relationship as it is now, and fans are rooting for Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt to go the distance.