Jeffrey Lee Pierce And The Gun Club To Be The Focus of Upcoming ‘Elvis From Hell’ Documentary

Yves LorsonWikimedia Commons/Cropped and Resized

Fans of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s band, The Gun Club, will be pleased to learn that this seminal group will very soon be featured in an upcoming documentary titled Elvis From Hell, which will chronicle the history of The Gun Club along with Pierce’s profoundly interesting musical journey. Pierce’s life tragically ended at the young age of 37, after he finally succumbed to the effects of HIV, alcoholism and heroin addiction.

As Deadline reports, Elvis From Hell will feature interviews from a multitude of other musicians and artists who all hailed Jeffrey Lee Pierce as an extraordinary and legendary figure, with Jack White even going so far as to suggest that The Gun Club’s music “should be taught in school.”

Other artists who are set to be interviewed about The Gun Club include Nick Cave, Jim Jarmusch, Moby, Mark Lanegan of The Screaming Trees, Kid Congo Powers and, of course, Deborah Harry of Blondie. It should be noted that Jeffrey Lee Pierce was such a staunch supporter and fan of Blondie that he was once the president of the band’s fan club in the United States, and Deborah Harry returned the favor with her strong public admiration and support for his music, eventually becoming a lifelong friend of Pierce’s.

For The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project — a collaborative project of different artists that was set up in 2010 to pay tribute to Pierce — Deborah Harry also sang with Nick Cave on The Gun Club song “Breaking Hands,” from the band’s 1987 album Juno.

“The sun and sea are smiling/While you’re going to bed/Wish Allah would will me/A piece of iron in my head”


Johnny Depp has also cited The Gun Club as having a profound effect upon his life, once stating that they were by far his “favorite band.”

The Elvis From Hell documentary will be a German and American partnership between director Heiko Lange — who was responsible for B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin— and Jessica Andree, who worked on The Noise of Cairo. The film will be produced by Anahita Nazemi and Katrin Sandmann from Kobalt Production, along with Scott Crary from Hunger Artist Productions.

If you’re longing to see more of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and want to know when the production of Elvis From Hell will be completed, you’ll be glad to know that The Gun Club documentary is set to be released in 2020, and that its sales and distribution is currently being worked on right now.