'The Walking Dead' Star Confirms He's Crossing Over To 'Fear The Walking Dead'

Ryan Harkness

The Walking Dead star Austin Amelio has confirmed reports that his character Dwight will be the latest to cross over to Fear the Walking Dead. Inquisitr reported on rumors that Amelio would appear in season 5 of the AMC spin-off show, but this is the first time the actor has confirmed the move.

"I get to have a consistent job and work with amazing people," Amelio said during an appearance at Wizard World New Orleans (via ComicBook.com). "There's too many memories to expand upon. For some reason, Dwight keeps getting blessed with the best of both worlds. I got to work with actors from Alexandria and the Saviors. Now I get to work with actors from Fear the Walking Dead."

"After a year and two months of being a really good secret keeper, that's really exciting, I get to work with everybody in this world. I feel really blessed."

"He's not dead," Amelio said. "That's all I can say. He's alive. He's alive in the world somewhere."

Dwight was last seen on the Walking Dead in the season finale of season eight. That episode saw the mutilated Savior forced out of the community by Daryl and told to never return upon penalty of death. Dwight returned to his old house to discover a note from his wife Sherry, who successfully escaped the Sanctuary and her position as one of Negan's concubines.

"I think where he said he was going to go, to try and find his wife and just [be] a lonesome traveler on the road."