‘Maxim’ Model Natalie Roser & Sexy ‘Twin’ Rock Matching Thong Bikinis, Pose Against Hot Mercedes CLS 450

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Australian model Natalie Roser has certainly been busy lately, taking some time to venture home for the holidays as well as to enjoy some fun in the sun with friends, as the Inquisitr previously detailed. Now, in a recent Instagram post, it appears that the blonde bombshell is taking some time to work a promotion in tandem with Mercedes-Benz.

In this image, Natalie can be seen in side profile, turning her back to the camera to reveal her long, toned legs and pert backside. Her long, golden tresses are styled straight and tumble about her neck and shoulders. With the fingertips of her right hand resting lightly on the hood of a beautiful black Mercedes CLS 450, it’s clear that the Aussie has an appreciation for fine luxury vehicles.

Joining Natalie in the sexy photograph is her friend and fellow Australian model, Jordan Simek. Wearing a matching two-piece bikini which leaves little to the imagination, Jordan sits lightly on the hood of a white Mercedes, obscuring one of the headlights with her feminine figure. The two women appear almost as if twins, both rocking the same sun-kissed blonde locks and both popping one of their heels off the ground to add definition to their calves.

Natalie even made such an allusion, briefly, in the caption attending the steamy snapshot — saying that she and Jordan were “twinning.”


With the image being geotagged as having been captured in North Bondi, it looks like Natalie — and her friend — are still enjoying their beautiful home country. It seems that the leggy Australian model’s fans and followers also appreciated the sizzling snap, with over 36,000 users offering the two ladies a like. Nearly 500 Instagram fans left a comment in the appropriate section as well, with one user writing, “I’m moving to Australia,” and another quipping, “Did not notice the cars until you told me that they were there.”

Natalie Roser has made headlines most recently for confessing that a recent diet had made her quite sick. As the Daily Mail details, Natalie adopted a diet that sought to cut out carbohydrates and sugar — and she fell ill as a result.

“I went off sugar and got really confused and felt sick and depressed… I cut out all fruits, all carbs, I don’t know what I was doing — it was nuts… I actually don’t remember what I actually ate, I kind of blocked it all out.”

With an infectious smile on her face — one that appears in nearly every photo she posts — it appears that Natalie has put those bad days behind her.