Piers Morgan Slams The Pope For Resigning: Hollywood Stars Join The Attack

A frail, tired 85-year-old man who dedicated his entire life to his religious beliefs announced his retirement the other day and the global elite went nuts. Leading the criticism of Pope Benedict XVI was British talking head and CNN Host, Piers Morgan, who definitely decided there was a conspiracy behind the Pope’s resignation.

As a Catholic, I’m not buying this. Popes don’t just quit because they’re tired. What’s going on here??

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 11, 2013

Perhaps 38 years from now, when Mr. Morgan is 85, if he is lucky enough to reach that glorious age and retain his faculties, he will be a bit more sympathetic towards Pope Benedict. Morgan and many of his fellow super stars seem to believe that, when someone becomes Pope, they have been given death sentence by God. According to the critics, no Pope is permitted to say “I’m not able to do this anymore” and step down to a quiet life of contemplation and prayer.

The venom directed Pope Benedict began the moment his name was mentioned as a possible successor to Pope John Paul II. Throughout Europe and the United States, opponents of the Roman Catholic Church have referred to Pope Benedict as “Ratzi the Nazi,” a vicious play on his given name, Joseph Ratzinger, and his German background.

Yes, Pope Benedict served in the Nazi Youth as a teenager in the 1940s. The penalty of refusal was death and imprisonment of the person’s family. Whatever his sins, there is no proof that the Pope was a supporter of Adolph Hitler. After the news of his resignation hit the news, the Internet was full of comments calling the Pope a Nazi. As usual, blind hatred triumphed over human decency.

Pope Benedict XVI was probably not the best choice for Pope in the first place, at least from a health standpoint. He was 78 when he became Pope and he had a pacemaker implanted before he ascended to the Papacy. During his reign, Benedict had an assortment of health issues, and he grew visibly frail with the passing of time. He has all the appearances of an elderly man who is slowing down rapidly, and anyone with an ounce of compassion should realize that a few more months of performing the strenuous duties of the Pope could prove fatal.

Observers of the Roman Catholic Church realized from the start that Pope Benedict was a scholar and a religious philosopher, not a leader or a politician. He would be happier writing a treatise on the meaning of faith than leading the world’s one million Catholics During his time as Pope, Benedict probably lulled more of the faithful to sleep with his speeches than any Pope before him. At this point of his life, he can probably best serve his church by living in quiet retirement and writing about his spiritual beliefs and church doctrine.

But no matter the reason, and no matter how frail the Pope may be, the haters are out in full force to criticize his every word. The paranoid conspiracy theorists are having a field day with the Pope’s resignation, predicting the end of the Roman Catholic Church and the Apocalypse. There is even a prophecy, attributed to St. Malachy, that is reputed to predict the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the destruction of Rome.

“In an extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, which once concluded, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the fearful Judge will judge his people. The end.”

Today’s world seems to thrive on the opinions of the famous, whose pronouncements often fill the headlines. True experts on the Church are ignored and millions base their opinions on the words of talk show hosts, out of work actors, and angry former Catholics.

Soledad O’Brien, Morgan’s colleague at CNN, speculated the Pope might be resigning over the sex scandals that have devastated the church in recent years. When she delivered her piece on CNN about the Pope’s retirement, her guest was filmmaker Alex Gibney, who directed a film about the scandal, Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God.

Ms. O’Brien’s intention was obvious. The pope resigned, and who did Soledad choose to join the discussion? She picked an ultra liberal filmmaker who focuses on child molestation by Roman Catholic priests. O’Brien hammered the point home with her comments to Mr. Gibney:

“There also has to be some pressure and impact from what you really talked about; the sex scandal that has been a huge problem and enveloped much of the Catholic Church over the last decade.”

Conservative journalist and proud Catholic convert at age 40, John Nolte, went after Soledad with gusto. He accused her of attacking the Pope as part of a continuing campaign by the left and their enablers in the Mainstream Media to force the Roman Catholic Church to surrender on the issues of abortion, gay marriage and pre-marital sex.

Ms. O’Brien responded that “it was her job to ask questions” and promptly blocked John Nolte on Twitter. CNN”s Nick Robertson then commented that he hoped the next Pope would be less of a “hardliner.” The Pope’s resignation has become a field day for American liberals, who are attacking the Roman Catholic Church with renewed energy.


After the comments by O’Brien and Robertson, Piers Morgan was not about to be outdone by his co-workers at CNN and he savaged the Pope again today with a lovely Valentines day tweet. The ever considerate Mr. Morgan basically called Pope Benedict a quitter, completely ignoring the fact that Pope John Paul II was 64 when he became Pope and Pope Benedict XVI was 78:

Our week would not be complete if the fromerly famous of Hollywood didn’t have a go at the Pope as well. Here are a few charming comments from a selection of Jersey Girls, overweight Scientologists, and Latin Pop Stars:

Ricky Martin ‏@ricky_martin The #Pope resigns? I didn’t know that was even possible. Apparently, the last time a pope resigned was the year 1415#IfYouRintrested

Debi Mazar ‏@debimazar Surprised thr was no twttr announcement from the #POPE who recently joined.He really had nothing 2 say.They r supposed 2 die in service..hmm

Kirstie Alley ‏@kirstiealley So The Pope just announced he’s stepping down…which I didn’t know was an option… did you?

Despite the obvious question as to why a Scientologist would care about the Pope in the first place, and the astonishing amount of venom directed towards a frail elderly Priest, there have been a few sane opinions about the Pope’s resignation. One reader of The Guardianmay have summed it up best with his simple comment:

“Positions for life are meaningless – Stuart, Czech Republic”

“I think the fact that he’s stepping down means it is a position to be occupied by the best possible person. Positions for life are meaningless – if someone could get such a position and then make a lot of mistakes and still keep his position, that isn’t right. Even the Queen of the Netherlands retired a position which is for all intents and purposes is given by god.”

We will reserve our judgement on religious philosophy and stick to the issues at hand. The Pope has resigned after serving his Church faithfully for 62 years. He stepped down from one of the most powerful positions in the world for the good of his church. Now is the time to wish Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger well and allow him to retire in peace. May his days be long and filled with joy.