Keith Lemon Mocks Paddy McGuinness By Posting Shirtless Before & After Pictures

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Keith Lemon treated his 1.1 million Instagram followers to a prime display of just what type of friendship he and his buddy Paddy McGuinness share.

Just yesterday he posted a “before and after” shirtless photo, hours after McGuiness posted a similar photo of himself.

The difference between the two photos was that Paddy’s was actually a “before and after” photo with a four month gap between the two photos, showcasing how much progress he has made toward losing weight and building muscle.

“Totally forgot to post this last year! This is a before and after pic from the 4 months of good diet and training I did. I really enjoyed it and definitely could have got leaner but I began to feel a bit to thin,” McGuinness penned in the caption of his Instagram post.

Lemon’s Instagram post, however, was not a “before and after” photo with a four-month gap, but a staged photo for the purpose of mocking his friend Paddy. Looking nearly the same in his before picture and his after picture, Keith took a deep breath in and glared at the camera before snapping his after picture.

By taking the deep breath in, Keith was able to make it look as though he had started to work on chiseling his own torso.

“Totally forgot to post this last year.This a before and after pic of four months of doing nowt, eat just the same s**t as always, apart from no bread. Never eat bread!” Keith penned in the caption of his photo on Instagram being sure to tag Paddy at the very end of the caption.

Lemon even did his best to mimic a lot of the wording in the caption from Paddy’s post.

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According to Metro, the fun didn’t stop there as Paddy seized an opportunity to take a crack back at Lemon’s mockey in the comment section of the photo.

“This is why I love you!!! PS you’ve not been a 34 waist since you were a teenager!” Paddy penned in the comments.


Paddy McGuinness has since posted a second set of before and after photos featuring his back transformation over the last four months as well.

Some of his 936,000 followers were quick to joke the back photos were actually of Keith. Others jested that Paddy should consider taking his friend Lemon to the gym with him to work out the next time he goes.

All it all, it appears as if Lemon and McGuinness were just having a little fun with each other.