January 4, 2019
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent Bravely Goes Snorkeling In Blue Bikini

Lala Kent and her movie producer fiance, Randall Emmett, have been jet-setting between Miami, Florida, and the Bahamas for the holidays. Kent and Emmett decided to go snorkeling together and someone in their entourage snapped the coolest underwater pic of the pair slicing smoothly through the crystalline water, lovingly holding hands. She even glances over at her future hubby in the pic.

"It's just you and me, my little water baby," she captioned her Instagram shot.

Kent, Emmett, and a couple of her co-stars from Vanderpump Rules have been frolicking on the beach and in the water recently, as evidenced by her other Instagram photos. Kent and Emmett became engaged in the fall of 2018 while on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, so beachside holds a special place for the couple.

While the photo is actually a really cool underwater action shot, clothier EcoStinger suggests snorkelers like Kent and Emmett shouldn't wear regular swimwear, especially bikinis like the one she's sporting.

"Instead of wearing only a bikini or swimming bare top, you should wear a synthetic T-shirt to cover your upper body or a full body swimsuit for added protection. It is necessary to save your tender skin from the heat of tropical sun rays which can otherwise cause sunburn. Your T-shirt should fit you tightly so that you can swim easily. You can also wear rash guard shirt usually worn by the sea surfers," the company stated.

Wearing only bikini bottoms or swimming trunks isn't a wise idea either, the company stated.

"If you do not cover this region (upper hamstring) then you can get severe sun burns on this area along with facing the attacks of lots of fishes in the sea," the company's blog shared.

Since the reality TV star didn't share any horror stories from her snorkeling adventure, we can only assume their underwater excursion turned out just fine. But her spot on Vanderpump Rules may not be just fine.

A source told Radar Online that she will be leaving the show to give her full attention to her marriage.

"LaLa wants to focus on her personal life and have her relationship with Randall come first," a source stated. "She does not want her marriage to fail because of her reality TV career, and her cast mates kind of agree with her that doing the show may cause drama in her marriage."

She actually quit the show once already. After two seasons on the Bravo series, she left the cast, reported E! News. At the time of that interview, rumors were swirling that Kent was dating a married man (Emmett) and had broken up his marriage.