Fashion Nova Slammed For Sharing Picture Of Bikini So Small, It Barely Covered Up Model’s Private Parts

Rich FuryGetty Images for Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova may want to spend a little more money on bikini material and a little more time on its social media strategy.

The fashion company generated some viral buzz (of a bad kind) this week when it shared a picture of a bikini on Instagram that was so small, it nearly exposed the model’s private parts. The caption for the picture gave some prompts for shoppers to help look up the bikini on the site, including the likely not ironic “Summer Essential Cover Up.”

As many people commented, the Fashion Nova bikini didn’t seem to cover up anything at all.

“Her vagina is literally hanging out,” one person commented, and many others shared their similar thoughts.

The attention seemed to actually help the photo, which had more than 20,000 likes and was shared by a number of media outlets, including the New York Post. Many mocked the company, though others noted that if Fashion Nova was aiming to get attention, the strategy seemed to work.

As the New York Post’s report noted, Fashion Nova has been in the internet’s crosshairs in the past as well, both for its embracing of reality television stars and controversial figures, like teen rapper Danielle Bregoli, who goes by Bhad Bhabie in her music career, and for some products that toe the line.

“Fashion Nova is no stranger to controversy. The budget-friendly retailer, which has collaborated with the Kardashians and Cardi B, has drawn social media backlash for selling geisha costumes,” the report noted.

In that case, the costume deemed culturally insensitive was meant to serve as a Halloween costume. It generated quite a bit of backlash among advocacy groups and those trying to push others away from using the traditional garb of other cultures as fodder for costumes. In the case of Fashion Nova, opponents said the skimpy geisha costume also perpetuated the false stereotype that Japanese geishas were sex workers.


The fashion line also is no stranger to selling skimpy products, sharing pictures on its Instagram page of models showing off thong bikinis, very revealing dresses, and even skimpy lingerie.

Not everyone is so upset over the bikini photo. The model featured in the shot, Tamika Wilson, also shared the picture for her 140,000 Instagram followers, though the picture was also met with some questions — and some lewd remarks — from the bikini model’s followers.

For those who don’t mind being very exposed while wearing a bikini, Fashion Nova wells the “Brazilian Cut” swimwear on its website for $29.