Phoenix Woman Jacqueline Ades Accused Of Sending 159,000 Text Messages To Man After Failed First Date

Nathan Francis

Jacqueline Ades doesn't take rejection too well, police say.

The Phoenix woman is accused of sending a man 159,000 text messages after meeting him on a dating website and going on an unsuccessful first date. As Fox News reported, Ades made threats and said she would turn the man's kidneys into sushi, police claimed.

Ades allegedly met the Paradise Valley man through a website called Luxy, a dating site for millionaires. The woman became infatuated with the man after their date, but he did not want to pursue a relationship after their first date.

Ades grew angry and sent a barrage of text messages to the man, including one message where she threatened to kill the man if he ended their non-existent relationship, police said.

"Don't ever try to leave me…I'll kill you," she wrote, according to WFLA.

Police said Ades continued to send the man a seemingly endless series of text messages, and was later arrested while bathing in his bathtub while he was not home. The unnamed victim reportedly called police a number of times about the stalking, but Ades was not arrested until she was found in his home.

Jacqueline Ades' arrest generated nationwide headlines back in May when she was first charged. At the time, reports claimed that she had sent him more than 65,000 text messages, though recent police documents obtained by the Arizona Republic showed that she had actually sent more than twice that number.

The court documents also shed new light on some of the colorful language and threats she made throughout the tens of thousands of text messages, including a threat to eat his kidneys. Ades also said she wanted to bathe in the man's blood, court documents showed.

"Oh what would I do with your blood! I'd wanna bathe in it," one of the woman's text messages allegedly read.

Police noted that Ades appeared to be suffering from mental illness, and in an interview with police, she admitted that her pursuit of him was inappropriate.

"No, I don't think anything I say is normal. I understand now," Ades reportedly told police.