January 4, 2019
Jazz Jennings Says Day Of Gender Reassignment Surgery Was The Happiest Day Of Her Life

Jazz Jennings is still on a high following her gender reassignment surgery last year.

As fans of the reality star know, Jennings underwent gender reassignment surgery this past summer to complete her transition into a female and she couldn't be happier about it. Most recently, the 18-year-old talked about the surgery with Hollywood Life and couldn't help but beam with happiness over the day of her surgery. In fact, she even went as far as to call it "pure ecstasy" for her.

"On the day of the surgery, I woke up and I had butterflies in my stomach, but good butterflies," she explained. "I was so ready and happy, this is what I had been waiting for, for so long, and I was finally getting the big procedure. So, I don't think I've ever been that happy in my whole life."

During the tell-all interview, Jennings also talked about the struggles of being a transgender person and how some people just try and bring her down and make her feel invalid, calling her a "boy" and a "man" and sometimes even a "freak." But luckily, the teen has a good head on her shoulders and says that she tries to do her best to push the haters aside and ignore what they say.

"You'll find people who do accept and support you and even if your own family doesn't support and accept you, then create your own family, create your own tribe of people who do embrace for who you are, and I know it's intimidating, but don't live your life as a lie, be your true self."'
Additionally, Jennings spoke about being true to yourself and loving yourself no matter what. The reality star thinks that if you can validate yourself and feel confident in your own skin, then you don't need other people's validation to get by.The current season of Jazz's hit show I Am Jazz is currently airing on TLC and this season features the gender reassignment surgery. As the Inquisitr shared back in October, Jennings confessed that there was a small hiccup in the surgery and some things during the first surgery came apart, so she was forced to undergo a second surgery, which was successful. But despite the small setback, Jazz has remained positive for the entire journey and she is very glad that she was able to find a great doctor and get the gender reassignment surgery she had always wished for.

"It was like a dream. It was. This is a moment that I had always envisioned and just experiencing it was so surreal," Jennings says.

You can catch her show I Am Jazz as it's currently airing on TLC.