Brittany Cartwright Defends Jax Taylor After Shameful Comment From James Kennedy

Caitlin Albers

Don't mess with Brittany Cartwright's man. It's been an interesting week on Twitter for the cast of Vanderpump Rules, to say the least. As the Inquisitr previously reported, James Kennedy tweeted out a shameful comment regarding the deceased fathers of Jax Taylor and Lala Kent.

"And Jax? He is just a sad man after his daddy died. I'm the only brother that you don't like. Make peace with your dead father please so you can be set free. That goes for Lala also," the DJ tweeted.

It didn't take long for Brittany and Jax to notice the tweet, and it was addressed immediately.

"The disgust continues. @itsjameskennedy I pray YOU will find peace some day," Brittany tweeted in response.

Soon after, James went back on Twitter to announce his account had been hacked and he was not behind the tweet regarding Jax and Lala's respective fathers. The DJ eventually issued an apology tweet which no one was buying, especially Jax, who claimed Bravo made him delete the original tweet and then issue an apology.

After a Vanderpump Rules fan chimed in on the drama surrounding James saying you never go after the parents, Brittany responded back once more.

"I don't want anything bad for James, I hope that he can figure life out some day but this.... I 100% agree with," she tweeted.

"There is a difference between someone who notices his wrongs and changes everything about his life for the better and someone who just doesn't care who he hurts no matter what and has no intention of admitting his wrongs or changing. We know what's real. Y'all see 30 mins," she tweeted.

Jax has clearly changed his bad boy behavior since Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules after he cheated on Brittany with Faith Stowers. Jax later broke up with Brittany, but the two reconciled and got back together after the season wrapped. The death of Jax's father brought him and Brittany closer together and sincerely changed the former SUR bartender's behavior.

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