WWE News: Speculation Is Flying That Goldberg Could Join All Elite Wrestling

With the creation of All Elite Wrestling, there have been a lot of rumors and plenty of speculation created in just a few short days. There are already five members of the roster with one being a former WWE superstar in Cody Rhodes. Every single day, there is a new name thrown into the mix and today it's a former world champion, as rumor has it that Bill Goldberg may decide to head to AEW.

Goldberg just turned 52-years-old and his last run with WWE ended after WrestleMania 33 in 2017 and it culminated in a Hall of Fame induction last year. He's stayed in great shape and has not ruled out another run in the ring for WWE, but there are other options out there for him.

In the first few days of 2019, Chris Jericho has already been linked to AEW and as previously reported by Inquisitr, former WWE Champion AJ Styles has as well. Now, there have been little things happening here and there that have fans believing Goldberg may take a long hard look at possibly heading to All Elite.

According to Rajah, by way of Sportskeeda, a guy named Barry Bloom is scheduled to have a big role in All Elite Wrestling as the top talent recruiter. Ringside News is reporting that Bloom is actually very close with two huge wrestling names in both Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg.

Goldberg came face-to-face with Roman Reigns during his last run in WWE

While nothing is confirmed as of this time, it is being reported that Jericho may be brought into AEW for more of an "in-depth role" of some kind. Goldberg would be brought in as a legend and a huge name that could instantly draw in fans and viewers.

All of this information is just speculation with nothing locked in place and none of it may ever happen. Still, there have been some other interesting things happening in the first few days of 2019 which have added a great deal of fuel to the Goldberg fire.

Not only has Goldberg recently started following All Elite Wrestling on Twitter, but he also decided to follow the Twitter account for their first event titled Double or Nothing.

Again, this could be nothing or it very well could be everything. Either way, it's overly intriguing and makes being a wrestling fan very fun.

Goldberg may be 52-years-old, but the man proved in his last WWE run that he can still go with the best of them in the ring. There's absolutely no way to know if he'll ever wrestle again, but there are plenty of other options out there and All Elite Wrestling is one of them. While AEW is in its very early stages and just starting out, wrestling fans have been given a new reason to be excited about the sport again.