January 4, 2019
George Conway Insinuates Trump Is Unsuccessful Psychopath, Narcissist: Kellyanne's Husband Doesn't Hold Back

People across the country are quite familiar with Kellyanne Conway, the former political consultant who has become one of the most prominent advocates for President Donald Trump in her position as White House Counselor. Kellyanne's husband George, a lawyer, has been speaking out with his own ideas about Trump's performance -- and his latest tweets are definitely raising eyebrows.

George Conway is known for typically being fairly conservative. However, as has become the case with many other notable conservative voices over the last couple of years, he has started to be quite outspoken when it comes to President Donald Trump. Friday morning, he took to his Twitter page and let loose.

In one pair of Twitter messages, Conway took on the president's supposed negotiating skills, criticizing how things are progressing in terms of ending the federal government shutdown. He quoted a tweet from Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey, and wrote about how this style of negotiating on the president's part has happened numerous times -- with the president always remaining the center of focus.

Conway ended that tweet by adding a twist on one of Trump's most infamous book titles, writing "The Narcissist's Art of the Deal." Of course, the word "narcissist" isn't a word the president uses in reference to himself -- nor is it a part of his book title. However, it is a word that has been frequently used by Trump's critics when referring to the president.

The outspoken lawyer wasn't done there, though. Conway also penned a Twitter post about "Narcissus the arms negotiator," writing about Trump's praise for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. That dig was in response to a post from another Washington Post reporter, David Nakamura, who wrote about the letters the president has received from the controversial North Korean leader.

As if all of that wasn't pointed enough, Conway followed up those tweets with another Twitter message -- one wherein he expanded upon a post from Psychology Today. He quoted the publication as it detailed the difference between successful and unsuccessful psychopaths.

In this tweet, Conway didn't name Trump specifically. However, the dig at the president -- and the idea that he's an "unsuccessful psychopath" -- was clear.

As George Conway has become more and more outspoken, people have wondered what it's like to be in the Conway household these days. White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway has remained a staunch advocate of President Donald Trump, and neither Kellyanne nor George has shared specifics on how they make these significantly diverging opinions on the president work with regards to their personal relationship.

George's tweets are getting a fair amount of love on Twitter on Friday, January 4, and those who love his pointed digs will be anxious to see what he shares next.