‘Playboy’ Playmate Sara Underwood Flaunts Her Derriere As She Rings In The New Year

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Sexy Instagram starlet Sara Underwood is ready to ring in 2019 and she’s doing it in style with her social media posts. The former Playboy Playmate’s followers are always wowed by her gorgeous snaps, but lately, she’s been sharing her viewpoints on some topics, too, and this is certainly showing another side to her.

As Sara Underwood ushered out 2018 and welcomed 2019, she posted a gorgeous photo to her Instagram page. In this one, the former Playboy starlet is wearing a revealing red bathing suit as she sits atop a moped and looks out over the ocean as a rainbow can be seen in the distance.

Underwood’s boyfriend Jacob Witzling took this photo, and Sara’s followers know that he is frequently her photographer. This particular picture was taken during a trip to the Bahamas and the snap certainly captures a truly gorgeous moment of their vacation.

Sara credited Indah Clothing for the designer of the bathing suit she’s wearing and the suit fits Underwood’s stunning figure perfectly. The photo showcases the Playboy model just from the back with her short blonde hair blowing in the wind.

The cut of the bathing suit shows off Underwood’s back as well as her booty and her followers loved the snap. Sara has 9.2 million fans on the social media site now, and nearly 150,000 have liked the post since it went up on her page.

Some of Underwood’s recent posts have been detailing her viewpoints on a couple of potentially controversial topics. Sara has gotten pushback from some of her followers, but she has made it clear that she’s not backing down and is standing by her opinions.

As the Inquisitr recently detailed, Sara wrote at length about her support for veganism. Now, in a post featuring a photo from her time in the Bahamas, Underwood wrote at length about the history of the islands and how slavery is rooted in that history. The Playboy Playmate touched on the concept of white privilege and made it clear that her feeling humbled by what she experienced should not be mistaken as “white guilt.”

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On my recent trip to the Bahamas it was impossible to not feel humbled by the beauty of the islands. It was equally impossible to not feel humbled by the history of the islands that have some of their roots in slavery. Don’t mistake my feeling humbled for “white guilt”. It is not guilt, it is fact, that white people, maybe even my ancestors, captured people from Africa, forced them into bondage and brought them to this very spot. It is not guilt, it is fact, that police brutality and systemic racism towards people with black and brown skin is a serious problem in the United States to this day. It is not guilt, it is fact, that I as a white person have benefited from this systemic racism even though I am not a willing participant in it. If you are white and you acknowledge these realities, don’t let people dismiss it as white guilt. Speak the truth and ally yourself with causes that fight for the justice we all deserve. This piece, “Genesis” by Antonius Roberts and Tyrone Ferguson is a profound monument to the past, present, and future. Happy New Year. ???? by @jacobwitzling

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The reaction to that particular post was mixed, with more than a few followers disagreeing with her take on things. However, Sara wasn’t rattled. Her next post made it clear that she won’t back down or shut up. She was giving the middle finger in the photo she shared and said that with her significant following, she feels it’d be reckless to not use her platform to tackle important issues.

Will Underwood’s recent outspokenness have a negative impact on her brand? Sara Underwood has certainly made a name for herself as a sexy woman willing to bare it all in a variety of sultry ways. While she might lose some people over sharing her ideas and opinions, nearly 185,000 of her followers have liked this fiery post of hers where she is standing up for herself so it looks like she’ll do just fine on this front.

It looks like Sara Underwood is hyped up heading into 2019 and her fans cannot wait to see what she shares next.