‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’: Danielle Staub Files Restraining Order Against Husband Marty Caffey

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Danielle Staub has filed for a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband Marty Caffrey.

On January 3, a rep for the Real Housewives of New Jersey star confirmed to Us Weekly magazine that Staub requested the restraining order be put into place in order to ensure her safety and the safety of her two children, daughters Christine, 24, and Jillian, 20.

The restraining order, the second filed by Staub, claims the reality star has been faced with emotional abuse from her former partner.

“She couldn’t take it anymore,” a source said. “She went to the police department last night to file it. It will be good for ten days.”

As fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey may know, Staub tied the knot with Caffrey in the Bahamas in May of last year. Then, just four months later, Caffrey filed for divorce.

Prior to Caffrey’s divorce filing, he hinted at a split on Instagram in July, claiming Staub wasn’t the woman she pretended to be prior to their marriage.

Although Caffrey has claimed that Staub has been wanting to reconcile their relationship, the Us Weekly insider said that it is Staub who has been trying to end her marriage to Caffrey. Meanwhile, according to the source, it’s Caffrey who won’t let Staub go as her team has “made four settlement offers to Marty.”

“He’s refused all of them, refused mediation,” the source continued. “He’s intentionally dragging this out. He has a second home nearby but refuses to leave the house that Danielle is living in.”

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Who’s watching tonight? #Rhonj on @bravotv This was real to me If he was the one for me, we would still be together you can all pass judgment you can all say what you need to say and I’m certain the opinions will be strong but I urge you all to take a minute and realize I’m sharing my life with you the ups and downs The good the bad the pretty the ugly all the parts of me and it’s an honor to do so! I do realize I leave myself open for scrutiny but the things that my husband has done to my family and I weeks following our wedding breaking his vows he promised to protect keep me safe love me and honor me ...so take a moment to realize no one would know his name if it weren’t for me trusting him to want to be a part of my family and my life he used my platform abused my name, me, and by supporting him you are doing the same by supporting a man who is abusive in every facet and continues to threaten the very core of my existence so if you still feel good about your decision to stand with him on his rampage then that’s on you. I would like to take a more positive moment at this time to thank all of you who support me and my family! I look forward to your continued support in the next chapter of my life! #eyeswideopen More photos to come

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In a statement of his own on Thursday, Caffrey told the magazine he hasn’t “even seen Danielle [much]” and doesn’t know “why she would need a restraining order.”

“I think what’s gone on here is that the last three episodes of the Housewives … Danielle has been portrayed her as this crazy b***h to everybody, including me, my kids and Margaret and other cast members, [sic]” he said. “She received profound backlash messages on social media that she didn’t expect. It has thrown her for a loop and she’s taken out the blame on me.”

Just last month, Danielle Staub lashed out at Marty Caffrey during an interview with Us Weekly, telling the outlet her soon-to-be-ex-husband is “not well.”

Staub’s first restraining order against Caffrey was filed in August after a reported incident at their New Jersey home.

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