January 3, 2019
WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Could Leave WWE This Year For All Elite Wrestling, Per 'PW Insider'

All Elite Wrestling is official and there are currently five members of the roster who are under contract to the company. There is a ton of speculation as to who could end up jumping ship or signing with the company, and that is a cause for concern in some WWE fans. Big rumors are really circulating now and there is one out there saying it's quite possible that AJ Styles will end up leaving WWE and signing with AEW.

In the past couple of months, Styles has gone from one of the longest reigning WWE Champions of all time to losing repeatedly to Daniel Bryan. Styles has become the subject of Vince McMahon's wrath on SmackDown Live and it's just a different position than what he is used to.

At the Royal Rumble, Styles is now scheduled to face Bryan once again for the WWE Championship. If he doesn't end up winning the title back at that point, it's hard not to see him leave the WWE.

PW Insider Elite, by way of Ringside News, is reporting that it would not be out of the question for Styles to actually leave for All Elite Wrestling once his WWE contract is up. His current deal is set to expire in April of this year, and it's not yet known if he plans on re-signing.

Currently, AEW has five wrestlers who have actually signed their contract.

Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Page were the first four to be under contract to AEW. Britt Baker, who performed at All In back in September, also signed her contract with the new company.

Dave Scherer said that Styles "would certainly fit in with what they (AEW) do." It has already been said by a number of wrestling sites that many WWE superstars are actually keeping an eye on AEW and trying to determine if it would be good for them to find a new place to work.

It's not like the 41-year-old AJ Styles doesn't have a lot of options as to where he can go once his current deal is up. He could end up signing with WWE again or he could return to New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor or even take a look at AEW.

With billionaire Tony Khan as the president and likely financial backer, it isn't as if All Elite Wrestling couldn't offer a competitive contract. Right now, the idea that AJ Styles is leaving WWE for AEW is nothing more than just a rumor. Anything and everything is possible, but the speculation is floating around and it's going to be an interesting year.