Get To Know Hannah Godwin Of ABC's 'The Bachelor' 2019 Season With Colton Underwood

Hannah Godwin is one of 30 women hoping to snag Colton Underwood's final rose this winter on ABC's the Bachelor 2019 season. All signs point toward Godwin being one lady who wins fans over and spoilers suggest that she'll charm Colton early on during this journey as well.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Hannah Godwin is originally from Alabama and she has a business marketing degree. This Bachelor contestant has done quite a bit of modeling and she's already got the feel of being a successful social media influencer.

Gossip king Reality Steve has already detailed juicy Bachelor spoilers, revealing that Hannah receives Colton's first impression rose during this new season. Not only does she make a big impression on Underwood, some of Reality Steve's recent spoilers reveal that she's likely going to be a favorite among the viewers and could be a Bachelorette contender if she's still single when the season ends.

Godwin's ABC profile notes that she's 23-years-old and her occupation is listed simply as "content creator." She hails from Birmingham and it's noted that she's both the model and the photographer for her social media business.

Hannah says she likes "being a foodie and glamping," with "glamping" being a reference to camping without going too terribly rustic in terms of amenities. Godwin has a cat named Marleigh, appreciates quality time from her significant other, and isn't a fan of seafood.

These days, many gals go on the Bachelor aspiring to become full-time social media influencers after their season. However, it looks like Godwin has a leg up on her fellow bachelorettes. Her Instagram page already has more than 76,000 followers and she explains on her website that she loves fashion, food, and beauty-related topics.

While Hannah grew up in Alabama, she seemingly did live in Los Angeles for a summer and she notes that she's frequently on the road traveling. She describes herself as carefree and spontaneous and she lives her life hoping to inspire people and enjoy her personal journey in her life.

Godwin has already done a lot with her life, having participated in beauty pageants, appeared in music videos, and tinkering with multiple careers. Her approach to winning Colton's heart obviously gets off to a great start during his Bachelor season and it sounds as if she's definitely one to watch this winter.

Could Hannah Godwin snag Colton Underwood's final rose this winter on ABC's the Bachelor 2019 season? Spoilers suggest that there are exciting twists and turns on the way and people can't wait to get started with this next journey.