January 3, 2019
Olivia Culpo Sports Stunning White Bikini While Jet Skiing In Florida

Swimsuit model Olivia Culpo and her pals headed to sunny Miami, Florida, to ring in the new year, and, while relaxing, they treated their Instagram followers to a virtual fashion show, highlighting the gorgeous bikinis they packed for their trip.

The friends snapped a couple shots of themselves kneeling on a boat, and Culpo took a selfie of a super cute white ruffled bikini while leaning against the wall of her room, gazing at her reflection in the mirror. There's another sexy pic of just her lounging on the boat, wearing dark sunglasses and with her hair glamorously slicked back in a low bun at the nape of her neck.

The latest photo Culpo shared shows her straddling a blue, white, and gray jet ski, her long and tanned legs stretching out from underneath her unzipped life jacket. She's giving the peace sign on both hands with adorable duck lips pursed.

Her sunglasses reflect the intense Florida sun, but her barely-there white bikini shines the most. The bikini top ties in the middle of her bosom while the bottom is V-cut in the front and high cut on the sides.

A yacht floats in the background, docked beachside. Gorgeous palm trees dot the landscape with a brilliant blue sky almost matching the rippling waves and the jet ski perfectly. Blue definitely looks terrific on her, but the white bikini is simply stunning. Not many can pull it off, but this model sure can.

It's no wonder she starred in the 2018 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with a physique like hers. She also has modeled for L'Oreal and Kipling. Her fame and fortune comes on the heels of being named Miss Universe, which helped her launch a career in acting. She was the first Miss Universe winner from the United States to be crowned with this esteemed title since Brook Lee in 1997.

According to Page Six, Culpo's family actually ushers in the holiday season differently than other families.

"I come from a big Italian family and we all hang out in the kitchen — I am one of five kids, so once you add in boyfriends, girlfriends and friends, it's a lot of people," Culpo said. "My mom makes homemade pizza in our pizza oven. She is the best pizza chef in the world, I swear, and she has a giant pan that's been in our family for generations."

Her favorite holiday gift to give is an electric toothbrush.

"They are the best and I love to gift them to my friends and family," she said. "Plus, they are very easy to wrap in their box!"