January 3, 2019
President Trump Posts 'GoT' Reference About The Wall, Sparks Hilarious Reactions

One day after being spotted with the "Sanctions are Coming" poster he originally shared on Twitter late last year, President Donald Trump doubled down on the Game of Thrones references on Thursday afternoon, taking to Instagram to post a similar image, this time with the words "The Wall is Coming" on the bottom of the photo.

As previously reported by publications such as USA Today, Trump's first cabinet meeting of the new year was noteworthy for the Game of Thrones-inspired "Sanctions are Coming" poster laid out in front of the president. While Trump did not directly mention the poster when members of the press got to cover the meeting, the fact that he brought it with him drew attention of many, with CNN's Anderson Cooper commenting that the president should have been more creative by "[coming] up with a fake movie title" to match the "fake" poster, as quoted by The Hill.

In the one hour or so since it was posted, Donald Trump's latest attempt to reference Game of Thrones, this time in relation to his planned U.S.-Mexico border wall, received over 400,000 likes on Instagram. However, the image also inspired a number of wisecracks from social media users, including one who questioned why Trump didn't include the words "Mexico will pay for it." Multiple users pointed out how the president's eyes appeared to be red in the photo, asking if he might have been high on marijuana at the time it was taken. Others questioned if Trump actually watches Game of Thrones, given his recent riffs on House Stark's "Winter is Coming" motto in the series.

As pointed out by Fortune, HBO had objected to Trump's use of a Game of Thrones reference soon after he first shared the "Sanctions are Coming" poster in November, asking on Twitter if there is a Dothraki equivalent for the term "trademark misuse." On a similar note, one Instagram user asked the president to "stop stealing other people's artwork and music" for his social media posts.
"You have been told over and over again, but you still insist on stealing, so you do it knowingly. You have no soul and putting so many out of work so they lose their homes because your [sic] throwing a hissy fit. RESIGN."
On a more serious note, another user called out Trump for his perceived inconsistencies regarding the status of the border wall while seemingly ignoring his use of a line inspired by Game of Thrones.
"You just said a few days ago that the wall was pretty much done. A few days before that you said that it was already started. A few days before that you said that you were going to a ground breaking next month. Now it is coming? Pick a lie and stick with it. We are not as stupid as you think."
On the other hand, Donald Trump's new Game of Thrones poster got its share of positive comments from his Instagram followers, as several users encouraged the president to push forward with the border wall and told him to "stay strong" despite the criticism. Others reacted by posting Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan or showering the president with praise for his accomplishments.