Jennifer Aniston Looks Happy As She Spends Time With Jimmy Kimmel And Jason Bateman In Jackson Hole

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Though her relationship with Justin Theroux may be over, Jennifer Aniston’s social life is still thriving.

Photos published by the Daily Mail show the actress spending some time in scenic Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with two of her close friends — Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman. In one image, the Friends star looks chic in her winter gear while donning black pants, a furry black jacket, and a black beanie cap. Aniston wears her light locks down in the photos, and completes her look with a pair of big, round sunglasses and black North Face gloves.

Like his friend, Jimmy Kimmel also looks pretty casual for the snowy walk. He’s pictured wearing a pair of boots, jeans, a black jacket, and a brown beanie. Kimmel also shielded his face from the sun with a pair of black sunglasses. Jason Bateman was not seen in the photographs, but the outlet reported that he was there with Aniston and Kimmel.

According to the report, the pair had a good time shopping in the upscale community of Jackson Hole — and after their busy day of shopping, they hit a local liquor store to stock up. An insider shared that Aniston looked happy to be with her closest friends, and she was definitely in her element.

“The group all spent time together skiing during the day and hanging out at night. Jen hit the ski slopes with Jason and some other friends and she held her own. She was having a lot of fun.”

Aniston has long been good friends with both Bateman and Kimmel — as well as both of their wives. As the Inquisitr recently shared, Aniston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he joked about her pre-Thanksgiving party. According to the late night host, Aniston made the same food at her Friendgiving as he did at his own Thanksgiving the following day — and he thought it was a little bit of Thanksgiving overkill.

“On Thanksgiving, I cook a lot of stuff, the normal turkey, yams or sweet potatoes, you know, the whole deal, but then at your event we had the same thing everyone had the night before again,” he said, before joking that on Thanksgiving he feels like he’s just eating leftovers.


A witty Aniston told Kimmel that she would agree to think about altering the menu next year if he agreed to something else.

“Listen, I’ll make a deal. If we do this, can we talk about your children not using my backyard as a bathroom?”

Jennifer then told the audience that Jimmy’s wife Molly — and his sister-in-law, Kelly — recently made a confession to her about what had happened in her backyard a year prior. Turns out that Jimmy’s daughter, Jane Kimmel, took a poop in her backyard, “right next to the beautiful pool,” on Memorial Day.

Sounds like Aniston and the Kimmel family have a fun-filled relationship.