Lais Ribeiro Rocks Crop Top With Revealing Cutouts For ‘Sports Illustrated’

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Model Lais Ribeiro wore a yellow ensemble for Sports Illustrated in a newly released Instagram video, one where she rocked a crop top and high-cut bikini bottoms.

The crop top in question had short sleeves like a t-shirt, plus a revealing cut-out at the bottom. That left her exposed a bit as she flaunted her midriff and curves for the cameras. Lais wore her hair down, and was caught joking with the wardrobe lady that she would actually wear the revealing shirt “in real life,” as the wardrobe worker mentioned that it wasn’t realistic. People commented, “She is the best!” “Hottie,” and “Omg!!!!!”

Meanwhile, the model’s recent Instagram feed shows her looking chic in a variety of outfits. For New Years Eve, she wore a form-fitting white dress with very thin straps. Lais accessorized with multi-layered necklaces, earrings, and a puca shell bracelet. She puckered her lips for the photo while keeping her eyes closed — and made the peace sign with her hands. Her caption read, “[Peace hand emoji] out 2018.”

Lais and her family had plenty of reason to celebrate, as another post was captioned, “My brother got engaged on Xmas / Merry Xmas to everyone.” The photo attached to that caption showed her alongside some family, as she and the other women wore pink “Team Bride” hats. A man to her left, presumably her brother, wore a giant engagement ring around his neck as everyone smiled for the camera.


Previously, the model notably spoke out against Milan Fashion Week after she was told “twice that Milan had reached its ‘quota’ for black models and that she wouldn’t be allowed to walk,” according to StyleCaster.

“Of course [representation] has to be better every year, but it still has a ways to go. For example, I don’t go to Milan anymore. I used to love Milan, and they’re just like, ‘Oh, we have enough black girls here, you don’t need to come.’ There were two times that they said that, and I was like, ‘Is this for real?’ It has to be better, but it’s a little bit more open for us.”

It’s hard to know whether things will change for the better in Milan. In the meantime, Ribeiro is clearly doing well for herself — not just with Victoria’s Secret, but also with Sports Illustrated. It’ll be exciting to see what Lais has in store for 2019, as her fan base of over 2 million users on Instagram will undoubtedly keep growing.

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