Scott Disick Slammed After Posting ‘Racist’ Photo Of Penelope At Asian Restaurant

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Reality TV star Scott Disick kicked off the year with a date with one of his favorite ladies. Not Sofia Richie or Kourtney Kardashian, but a date with his daughter Penelope — whom he took out to dinner last night to indulge in some delicious Asian cuisine. To mark the occasion, Scott shared a photo with his daughter on social media, though according to Us Weekly, not everybody found the snapshot of the daddy-daughter date amusing.

On Wednesday, January 2, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star enjoyed the “best first date of 2019,” sharing a photo to his 21.1 million followers on his Instagram account. Said photo featured him and Penelope out for dinner at what appeared to be an Asian restaurant.

Scott and Penelope were snapped sitting at their table in front of empty plates. Scott held a pair of chopsticks and put his arm around his six-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Penelope — wearing a shimmering leopard print top and fur-adorned jacket — posed for the camera. She used her two pointer fingers to pull her eyelids upwards, making her eyes wide and showing off her dark eyelashes.

Within 14 hours of having gone live, Scott’s photo had been awarded nearly 675,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments — but unfortunately, not everyone found the moment sweet. In fact, a number of Scott’s followers on the social media platform took to the comments section to slam the reality TV star for his daughter’s “racist” facial expression.

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Best first date of 2019! ❤️????

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“Racist or nah?” celebrity blogger Perez Hilton commented on the photo, sparking some intense discussion throughout the rest of the comments.

“Tell her to stop being racist,” another user wrote.

A third user offered the idea that while Penelope is making a gesture that could be deemed inappropriate, she most likely doesn’t actually know the meaning behind it — simply copying the expression after seeing somebody else do it.


“Still, posting this particular photo might not have been the best decision,” the Instagram user in question concluded.

Others reprimanded the star for allowing her to make the face, urging him to teach her otherwise.

Not all of Scott’s fans were offended, however, and many rushed to the comment section to defend the TV star — and his daughter — against the criticism.

“I’m Chinese. If you mock Asian eyes, you pull OUT not UP,” one supporter explained.

“All I see in this picture is a little girl making a silly face as kids often do when you’re trying to get a nice picture of them,” another said. “Why do we need to take it to a different place and make it out to be something it’s not? I think some people actually enjoy getting all riled up for nothing.”