January 3, 2019
'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Shares Candid Photos Of Daughter Molly

Growing up in the spotlight isn't easy, especially when your family is famous for their reality TV show – and then it all comes crumbling down.

Molly Roloff is the only daughter of Amy and Matt Roloff. She shied away from the camera most of the time while TLC crews filmed Little People, Big World. She watched from the sidelines as her parents' business blossomed and then their marriage fell apart.

Even now as an adult, Molly avoids the limelight. But she recently returned home to Oregon and the family farm for the holidays, allowing her parents to post separate photos of themselves with her. She lives and works far from the family in Spokane, Washington, where she lives with her husband Joel Silvius. So naturally, Matt and Amy were thrilled when she came back for a visit.

Amy shared a series of photos on social media from the holidays, including one of her and Molly that drew tons of comments from excited fans and followers who were happy to see mother and daughter together again.

The two knelt in front of a sparsely decorated Christmas tree, Amy with her arm draped over Molly's shoulder. They pressed their faces together, grinning widely, seemingly thrilled that they had reunited if only for a short time.

"It was so wonderful to have my daughter Molly and Joel visiting for the week over the Christmas New year holiday. See you again soon Molly girl. #myfamily," Amy captioned their cute photo.

Instagram user Theresa Saneda Durbin complimented Amy on the "great picture."

"I think Molly is such a beautiful young lady," she wrote.

Another fan, Deb, agreed with Amy that the "best thing about the holidays … is having time with family and friends."

"She's beautiful; and looks happy in her married life! What a beautiful family!" she commented.

In another photo, Amy and her four kids, along with their significant others, sat around the dining room table and feasted on what appears to be their Christmas dinner. Amy's boyfriend Chris Marek was also in the picture.

When Molly and Joel popped by Matt's place at a later date, he also snapped a few photos of himself with the kids and grandkids. Matt had taken Molly and Joel, his son Zach and wife Tori, along with their son Jackson, out for dinner. He shared that Molly and Joel had been in town for the past week visiting with family.

Matt's fans and followers wished the Roloffs a happy holiday, while others commented on how surprised they were that Molly was in another photo.