‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Jason Questions ‘Shiloh’ And Sam Is Feeling Rattled

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode tease that there will be interesting questions popping up around Port Charles. Kristina has decided that she is moving in with Daisy and her friends, and Jason and Sam are concerned and checking the group out. It looks like their visit will create more questions than it answers, and teasers reveal that there’s trouble ahead with this crew.

Viewers have been suspicious of Daisy and her “D.O.D.” group since it was first teased a while back. General Hospital spoilers suggest that those suspicions will increase after this January 3 show. Jason already met “Hank” when they crossed paths and Hank thought he was Drew. Hank and Drew supposedly served as Navy SEALs together a few years ago, but not much else has been revealed about this former relationship yet.

Now, Jason is about to cross paths with this man again and the encounter will apparently leave both Jason and Sam feeling uncertain. The sneak peek from Twitter shows that Jason and Sam will go to check in on this group that has Kristina feeling so chipper, and it’s there that they meet “Shiloh,” the group’s apparent leader.

From the looks of things, Jason quickly determines that the man he met as “Hank” is going by “Shiloh” within the D.O.D., and he won’t let this oddity go unnoted. Sam will be rattled as she sees the pieces come together, and fans have a hunch this is only the tip of the iceberg.

It sounds as if Hank/Shiloh will be ready with a story of sorts about how one of the names is a nickname. Despite that, General Hospital spoilers detail that Jason and Sam will both be left feeling suspicious.

Not only will Hank have some explaining to do about his apparent nickname, but as the Inquisitr recently shared, there’s another name connected to this character. In addition, it has been revealed that he’ll have multiple connections to people in Port Charles.


Soap Central indicates that as this moves forward, Sam will be feeling quite concerned about Kristina. Viewers sense that Daisy and Hank are probably bad news, but it looks as if Kristina will be pulled in hook, line, and sinker.

Thursday’s episode also brings bad news for Scotty, and news of Julian and Kim’s split will spread. Word is also quickly spreading about how the three recent deaths in town may be connected and General Hospital spoilers note that fans will see more on the Mike and Yvonne saga.

So far, 2019 is starting out with a bang and General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will be getting pretty crazy in the days ahead. Fans have a lot to look forward to with these developing storylines, and Thursday’s episode is one that people won’t want to miss.