It’s Very Important For Beyonce To Keep Her Kids’ Lives As Normal As Possible, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Allen BerezovskyGetty Images

She may be one of the most famous people in the world, but one of Beyonce’s main priorities is keeping her three children out of the spotlight as much as possible.

A new report from the Hollywood Life shares that the 37-year-old and her husband Jay-Z are taking great strides to make sure that their three children can grow up with a normal life despite the fact that their parents are super famous. A source close to the pair dishes that privacy is very important to both Beyonce and Jay-Z but Beyonce is the one who likes to be more private with her kids.

When Beyonce must attend an event or a family function, she does her best to fly under the radar and go unnoticed. Not only that but she also makes most decisions based on what is best for her three kids — 6-year-old Blue Ivy and 1-year-old twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

And even though she can have a full staff to help handle the three kids, the insider says that Beyonce maintains some normalcy for the children by doing school drops offs and pickups. Not only that but she rarely misses a school function for her kids.

“She tries her best to keep life as normal for her children. She was instrumental in choosing schools for Blue to attend and made sure to choose the most private school she could find so that Blue could just be a normal child in preschool like all children her age.”

The insider also says that Bey knows how to please her fans by giving them tiny little glimpses into her life, especially on social media. But with that being said, she can also go long periods of time without sharing her private life.


“She knows how much the public is interested in her life, so it’s no surprise she shows little glimpses here and there, but don’t expect to see much more,” the source shares. “She does the same with her own social media where she’ll post a bunch and then disappear for awhile. She knows how to give her fans what they want but also keep her life to herself.”

As the Inquisitr recently shared, Beyonce wowed her fans by giving them a rare glimpse into her family life. The songstress took to her Instagram account to share a snapshot of twins Rumi and Sir Carter in a video clip of her year in recap. The twins made an appearance in the short clip that showed their mother holding them both together. Also included in the video is Beyonce’s eldest child, Blue Ivy.

Hopefully, Beyonce’s 2019 will be just as good as 2018 was!