‘The Last Days Of John F Kennedy, Jr’ Promises ‘Intimate’ Look At Life Of Beloved President’s Son

Diane FreedGetty Images

An ABC News special titled The Last Days of John F. Kennedy. Jr promises an “intimate” look at the life of the beloved son of late president John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and one of the most important members of a family that constituted what many Americans in the 1960s thought of as “Camelot.”

Admirers of the handsome young lawyer were shocked into silence when learning the heartbreaking news on the morning of July 17, 1999, that the plane Kennedy piloted had disappeared over the ocean.

On board, the aircraft were Kennedy at the controls, wife Carolyn Bessette, and her sister Lauren.

The news came fast, first on radio and then television as the internet was still in its infancy and Facebook and Instagram were only dreams to still be realized.

All three were presumed dead.

Two days after the crash, fragments of the plane were discovered on July 19, and the plane wreckage located the following day.

Kennedy was 38, Carolyn 33, and Lauren, 34, at the time of their deaths.

To honor the 20th anniversary of his passing, ABC News has put together a retrospective of the “stressors,” according to Newsday, that he was dealing with in his final days.

The special will deal with Kennedy’s upset at his failure with his glossy magazine that was devoted to the tumultuous world of politics, George, which he launched with Michael J. Berman in 1995 and unceremoniously folded with its last issue in 2001.

The program will also cover facts about the fateful flight that took their lives.


The Last Days of John F. Kennedy, Jr. will feature the first interview with his ex-girlfriend Julia Baker as well as childhood friend Sasha Chermayeff, Brown roommates Richard Wiese and Chris Oberbeck, ex-girlfriend Christina Haag, and RoseMarie Terenzio, his assistant at George.

ABC correspondent Deborah Roberts, who helms the news special, revealed that viewers will get a “very intimate look at his life,” per Newsweek.

“We thought we knew his family but how much did we really know about him as he came into his own, as a young man born into privilege but desperately trying to lead a normal life under such harsh scrutiny? [It’s] about the young man himself, his struggles, his loves and his hopes for his future,” said Roberts.

It will also “explore his entire life [and] will reveal rare video and pictures of John in and around New York City… with his various loves over the years, from Madonna to Daryl Hannah to Carolyn Bessette,” said Roberts.

The Last Days of John F. Kennedy, Jr. will air on ABC tonight at 9 p.m. EST.