Josh Hamilton Credits Weight Loss To ‘Juicing Stuff’

Josh Hamilton credits "juicing stuff" for 20 pound weight loss.

Josh Hamilton is showing up to training camp 20 pounds lighter than normal. The Angels’ slugger credits his offseason weight loss to “juicing stuff.”

After signing a five year, $125 million contract with the Anaheim Angels this off-season, Josh Hamilton took another major step in his life. He started juicing.

Not the kind of juice your thinking though. While a number of MLB players are getting caught in the new steroid scandal, Josh Hamilton is using a different kind of juice: fruit juice.

With a well documented past full of struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, no one would be surprised if Josh Hamilton’s “juicing stuff” that led to a 20 pound weight loss was something less than legal.

According to the Orange County Register, it’s the complete opposite for the extremely religious Hamilton. The slugger tells the paper:

“The Lord kept waking me up in the middle of the night over a month and every time I’d wake up there’d be a doctor on talking about what you put in your body and how it makes you feel. And then the juice lady was on. It was like, Alright, I always pray the Lord will help me feel better. Well, that’s all great, but am I doing my part? Now it’s time for me to do my part.”

USA Today reports that Josh Hamilton typically shows up to spring training at 250 pounds, then loses weight during the stress of the season. After starting last season extremely hot, Hamilton wore down in the second half and put up mediocre numbers.

He knew he had to slim down to start the 2013 season. Josh Hamilton credits his weight loss to his “juicing stuff” diet. We’ll know by the end of the season how much it helped.

What do you think? Is Josh Hamilton going to have a better season thanks to his “juicing stuff” diet?