Tammy Hembrow Poses In Bikini Bottoms And Crop Top, Reveals The Secret To Perfect Booty

John LamparskiGetty Images for NYFW: The Shows

She’s won millions off of her insane figure, but Tammy Hembrow’s secret to the perfect booty seems pretty simple (in theory) — “slow and steady wins the race.”

The Instagram star turned entrepreneur, who’s known for posting racy pictures often in bikinis, lingerie, or sexy sports outfits, explained in an interview with Women Fitness magazine what her secret is to an effective fitness routine and all-around healthy lifestyle.

“Building a booty is a slow process that requires time, effort, control and persistence. Slow and steady wins the race!” the 24-year-old said, adding that she recommends beginners use “your own body weight or small weights and then gradually increasing the weights you use.”

Tammy also said that lengthy workouts don’t always mean quicker results, as it’s possible to achieve fitness goals with daily shorter sessions, which is especially convenient for people who, like her, have a busy working schedule and have to look after their children. She pointed out that it often doesn’t have to do with the duration of the workouts, but instead with the intensity.

“I know it seems impossible sometimes, especially after a long day but all you need is a 30-minute workout five days a week to make the difference,” she said.

The Australian beauty has two children, son Wolf and daughter Saskia, who she shares with ex-fiance Reece Hawkins. The two, who were often referred to as the perfect Instagram couple, ended up splitting last year. In her interview, Tammy talked about how motherhood changed her for the better.


“Motherhood has and will continue to teach me intense lessons. My children are the greatest gift I’ve ever had.”

Tammy rose in popularity when, in 2017, she shared before and after pictures of her body, and explained how she had achieved her “booty gains” after changing her fitness routine to less cardio and more weightlifting, as well as a switch in her diet which saw her increase her protein and complex carbohydrates consumption.

She is now the owner of one of the most enviable derrieres on social media, often posting photos of herself in minimal clothing. In one of her latest Instagram posts, she’s seen posing in a white crop top and red bikini bottoms, showcasing her rock-hard abs and toned backside and legs. She is also sporting white sneakers and socks and opted to style her signature blond locks into two pigtails. She boasts 9 million Instagram followers, plus her YouTube subscribers, where she shares vlogs of her daily life and her fitness regime.