Iggy Azalea Shows Off Cleavage And Abs In Sports Bra On Instagram

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Last year was a rough one for Iggy Azalea, but the rapper seems to be feeling more optimistic as she enters a new chapter in her life.

Iggy took to Instagram to share a snap of herself striking a sexy pose while wearing a sports bra and leggings combo, flaunting her ample cleavage, toned stomach, and curvy backside. The Australian babe put her left hand behind her head as she leaned slightly to the left side, so as to let her signature long blonde locks cascade freely. She sported a light wavy hairstyle and super sparkly eyeshadow, as well as long lashes and dark mascara, as she gazed straight into the camera. Iggy also captioned the photo with a simple sun shining emoji, an indication that she may be ready to leave darker times behind and start the new year with a fresh attitude.

She also took to her Instagram stories to post a makeup-free video of herself donning a white T-shirt featuring an image of a flying dove and the words “Holy Spirit,” which is most likely a reply to the controversy she faced on New Year’s Eve when she wore a tee from an English heavy metal band that depicted a nun performing a sex act.

“Oh my God, I’m an angel. I would never!” she said in the clip, with an angelic face and her long hair tucked into a ponytail.

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Iggy received major criticism, especially from her most religious fans, for sporting the blasphemous ensemble, with some online users even claiming she was “possessed by Satan,” as per the Daily Mail.

“[Her] soul’s in peril,” one Facebook user said after spotting her wearing the anti-Christ T-shirt on social media. Others also dubbed her an “attention-seeker,” and a “nasty person.” But despite the backlash, Iggy reassured her fans that she had no regrets whatsoever, and even took things to a more controversial level.

“My only regret is not posting it on Christmas,” she tweeted. The “Fancy” rapper also retweeted a report from the rock music press, saying “Omg I’m too controversial for the metal community too!” Iggy wore the dark ensemble, from British group Cradle of Filth, in an NYE video that she posted to Instagram. And while only the top half of the shirt was visible, people were quick to notice that the full garment featured a half-nude nun performing a sex act, while the back of the tee shows an even more offensive slogan: “Jesus is a c**t.” However, the blonde bombshell seemed to have made up for her past sins with her new outfit choice, which surely pleased her most conservative fans.