Canadian Tourist Arrested For Trying To Give President Trump Crown Royal

Win McNameeGetty Images

Canadian man Yianny Georgopoulos visited the White House shortly after midnight on Wednesday with a very specific mission in mind. He wanted to see President Trump and ask him for a favor. He hoped the president would provide him with assistance in finding a wife. Georgopoulos did not come empty handed; he arrived at the White House with two bottles of Crown Royal in tow that he hoped to give to the president as a gift, according to NBC Washington News.

The White House visitor didn’t get far. He was caught by police when he entered a restricted area of the property after moving a bicycle rack that was serving as a barrier. The bicycle rack had a sign on it that read “No trespassing authorized personnel only” and “Restricted area do not enter,” according to court documents.

When a Secret Service officer asked Georgopoulos his intentions for trespassing, he admitted that he was there to see the president and provide him with the Canadian whiskey. Security had to demand that he leave the restricted area several times before he finally obliged.

He was arrested by D.C. police and charged with unlawful entry. Court documents state that Georgopoulos traveled from Canada with the specific intention of delivering the whiskey to the president and seeking his help in obtaining a wife. He likely hoped that his unusual gift would make Trump more willing to offer him assistance. He also admitted to having seen the signs prohibiting entrance onto the grounds and ignored them.

This isn’t the first time Georgopoulos has faced legal trouble. He was arrested recently for threatening a family member with violence and for stalking a cousin. Both of these prior events took place while he was living in the District of Columbia. When asked when he was planning to return home to Canada, he responded that “he can’t go back” but refused to provide police with a further explanation, according to NBC4 News.

Perhaps Georgopoulos was unaware that the president does not drink. In fact, he’s never had a sip of alcohol in his life. During a 2012 interview by NBC News, he was asked what his favorite beverage was. He replied, “Diet Coke. Diet Pepsi. I’ve never had a drink of alcohol in my life which I’m very happy about and very proud of, but I’ve never had a drink of alcohol in my life. Soda of any kind.”