New Poll Shows Donald Trump Gets More Blame For Government Shutdown Than Democrats From American Voters

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Despite his initial pledge in an Oval Office meeting with incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer that he would be “proud” to shut down the government and “I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I won’t blame you for it,” as the Inquisitr reported, Donald Trump has repeatedly attempted to shift blame for the ongoing shutdown, entering its 13th day on Thursday, to congressional Democrats after all.

On the very day the shutdown began, after Trump nixed a spending bill unanimously passed by the Senate, Trump posted, “The Democrats now own the shutdown!” on his Twitter account. But according to a new poll released on January 2, Americans are not buying Trump’s blame game targeting Democrats.

According to the Hill/HarrisX poll, More American voters hold Trump to blame for the ongoing shutdown than blame Democrats. While a mere 22 percent of voters — barely more than one of ever five surveyed — blamed Democrats for the shutdown, Trump took the blame from 42 percent. At the same time, the poll found that one-third of voters, 33 percent, said that both Trump and Democrats were equally to blame for the shutdown, which is caused by Trump’s demand that he receive $5 billion from U.S. taxpayers to construct his wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Nancy Pelosi
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi who becomes the new Speaker of the House oil January 3.Featured image credit: Win McNameeGetty Images

Combining the numbers, 75 percent of Americans believe that Trump shoulders at least a share of the blame for the government shutdown, which has already put thousands of government employees out of work and will leave thousands more without pay starting on the January 11 payday, according to the Denver Post.

Trump’s shift of blame to Democrats appears especially hollow, because until Thursday when Democrats assume control of the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans have controlled both the House and Senate, as well as the White House. And yet, the government has remained in shutdown for 12 days.

In an NBC News interview that aired on Wednesday, the day before she resumes her role as House speaker, Pelosi told trump to forget not only his $5 billion demand for wall funding but to abandon hope of receiving any funds at all for his promised border wall.

“No. We can go through the back and forth,” Pelosi told NBC News interviewer Savannah Guthrie.

“No. How many more times can we say no? Nothing for the wall.”