Taylor Swift To Shut Down Her App ‘The Swift Life’ And Some Fans Don’t Seem Disappointed

Mark MetcalfeGetty Images

Taylor Swift’s app, The Swift Life, is about to exit stage left. Billboard reports that the The Swift Life, which was designed to be a social network for her fans “The Swifties,” will be shut down in February. The news was shared via the app’s official Twitter account.

The press release states that the app can’t be downloaded anymore and that it will not work after February 1, 2019. Any of the app’s virtual currency will have to be spent before that date as in-app purchases will disappear thanks to the shutdown.

“We would like to thank all the dedicated fans who downloaded The Swift Life, engaged with this amazing community and created gorgeous pieces of content for others to enjoy,” the statement reads.

As Billboard notes, the app was created to coincide with the release of Swift’s Reputation album. Reputation‘s release was followed by a record-breaking tour which amassed $266 million from more than 2 million ticket sales. According to Forbes, this makes it the highest-selling tour in U.S history.

But the end of the world tour brings the curtain down on the Reputation era which means fans have to say goodbye to The Swift Life app.

“As the reputation era comes to an end, our time on The Swift Life will be ending too,” the statement continues. It concludes by encouraging fans to keep following @taylornation, an official fan-page account, on multiple social media platforms.

On Twitter, several fans did not seem too disappointed that The Swift Life was getting the axe. In fact, some said that they were less than impressed with it after it launched and that they barely use it anymore.

“It was good at first but then it was just messy cringey app but thank you anyways! Great decision happy new year!” wrote one fan with the Twitter handle “AlexSwifter13.”

“I wish it could have been a better success, but it was nearly impossible to go up levels and collect items unless you played it all the time, even with paying,” wrote another fan named @Swiftlyness1989. “Smart decision to let it go. Thanks for the memories on the Swift Life App!”

But the reviews weren’t all bad. Others commended The Swift Life for its “taymojis.” Hopeful fans also expressed glee that the Reputation era was ending because it means they have a new album to look forward to.

Taylor Swift has not commented on the shutdown of her app via her official social media pages just yet. But any fans feeling pain from The Swift Life’s loss can likely ease their woes by streaming her Reputation Tour special on Netflix.