Horse Racing Fan Sneaks Her Booze Into Event In Binoculars, Video Goes Viral

Festivals and sporting events have become the type of place that does not allow spectators to bring in their own drinks, instead offering them on-site at exorbitant prices three times that which would be paid in a bar or a store. As a result, people have been getting creative with the ways in which they are sneaking their booze in.

While many are smuggling it in in hollowed-out loaves of bread, in bra pouches, or flask bracelets, one fan at the Cheltenham Racecourse came up with an ingenious idea to ring in the new year. As reported by Unilad, the young woman smuggled a hip flask, disguised as a pair of binoculars, into the races.

As everyone else was getting involved in the festivities and cheering on the pre-race activities, the cameraman’s eagle eye noticed the woman instead appearing to take a drink from her binoculars. The footage showed her seemingly oblivious to the crowd around her or the activities on the track as she sipped away.

Despite attendees not being allowed to bring their own alcohol in, ITV Racing took to Twitter to share the video footage and could do nothing but applaud her ingenuity with how she sneaked her drink in.

Most people on Twitter were in awe of not only her bravery in sneaking contraband into the event but also for the ingenious way she had figured out to do so.

“we out here living in 2019 and she’s living in 2098 [sic],” wrote one Twitter user, with another adding “showing so much determination and the year has only just begun,” praising her for starting 2019 out in the best way.

Fortunately for everyone else who is looking for a way to sneakily take their booze with to sporting events, Amazon sells the binocular hip flask for as little as $20. The flask holds approximately 450ml, which is more than half a bottle of wine, or any stronger alcohol you might prefer.

Given that most of these events still allow binoculars through their gates, this could be the perfect way to smuggle that drink into your next festival or sporting event if you don’t feel like forking out that fortune for a single drink.

Just two days into 2019, and already this brilliant little invention has brightened the day of one young woman, allowing her to start the year out on the perfect note!