Elsa Hosk Sizzles In A Barely-There Bikini While She Enjoys A Trip To The Mojave Desert


Elsa Hosk recently sent the temperature of her Instagram account soaring after uploading two new pictures from her trip to the Mojave Desert in California, where she is featured exposing lots of skin.

The snaps in question feature the 30-year-old hottie wearing a tiny blue bikini that allowed her to flaunt her long legs, her perfect abs, and her perky breasts. In the first picture, Elsa struck a sensual pose by bending down and resting her butt on the hood of a luxurious Mercedes Benz. In the second picture, Elsa flaunted her whole body by standing straight and facing the camera. She accessorized with a pair of large blue shades and tied her hair into a bun.

Within just an hour of going live, the pictures were liked 123,000 times by her fans and followers, and they left more than 600 comments on the post. Most of the comments on Elsa’s photos were complimentary in nature, including words and phrases like “the sexiest woman alive,” “incredibly hot,” “impeccable,” and “goddess of beauty.”

“Body inspiration for our New Year’s resolution,” one of her female fans wrote on the picture. “Why are you so perfect? You are an actual goddess,” another one said. One female follower tagged her girlfriends and enviously wrote that “Elsa’s post-Christmas body is better than how [their] summer body will ever be.”

“Seeing your pics makes me wanna work out,” another one wrote.

Amid the compliments, there were some negative comments as well that body-shamed Elsa and called her too skinny.

“Pretty, but [you] need some food,” one person said. “You are way too skinny,” another one said.

Lately, a lot of Victoria’s Secret models have been targeted by internet trolls for being too skinny. According to an article by the New York Post, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — which has been running for 22 years now — has lost its high viewership over the past few years primarily because the lingerie company is accused of selling and propagating a “physical ideal that does not appear to represent its customers.”

The article also mentioned that VS models are under constant pressure to go to extremes to achieve their perfectly thin bodies and cited the example of veteran Angel Adriana Lima, who went on a liquid diet and used to work out for four to six hours every day after giving birth to her second child.

She returned to the runway within eight weeks of childbirth, and reportedly even stopped drinking water a few days before the show to shed more weight, the article detailed.

Victoria’s Secret exec Ed Razek also came under fire this year after he made controversial comments about not hiring plus-sized and transsexual models because “the show is a fantasy.”