S.F. Zoo Tiger Cub First Born Since 2008

In San Francisco the first tiger cub has been born in five years

A Sumatran tiger cub was born at the San Francisco Zoo for the first time since 2008 and only the second time since 1976.

The Sumatran tiger cub currently has no name. Zoo workers don’t know the sex of the cub yet and have been calling the little tiger Junior, Cub, or Baby.

The San Francisco Chronicle spoke with Corrine MacDonald, curator of carnivores and primates at the zoo. She says Junior is a very health and active tiger cub.

Sumatran tigers are an endangered species, so it’s very important the first tiger cub born sine 2008 is healthy. More important is that the cub’s mother takes to its new baby. MacDonald is happy to report that’s happening so far:

“Mom is really attentive; she’s grooming, she’s paying attention to the infant. The infant makes sounds, it coos. It’ll scream and screech and cry when it gets real hungry. We can really see (Leanne) choosing to get up only when the infant is really sound asleep, so she’s a great mother.”

MacDonald explains the zoo allows a two week bonding time between tiger mommy and tiger cub. After the pair have bonded, zoo employees are allowed to interact with the pair.

For Sumatran tigers, the birth of the new cub could not be more inspiring. Tanya Peterson, head of the San Francisco Zoo, says:

“Sumatran tigers are a critically endangered species … which makes every birth so impactful for these beautiful animals.”

For animal conservation, the San Francisco Zoo’s first tiger born since 2008 is one of many promising events happening right now. Great white sharks were also recently granted extra protection in California after reports that shark fin fishing was still running rampant.

Are you excited to find out the San Francisco Zoo has had its first tiger cub born since 2008?