ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Reality Steve Details Elimination Order For Colton Underwood’s Season

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

It’s shaping up to be a wild ride for Colton Underwood this winter during ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season. Gossip king Reality Steve is dishing out spoilers, and the network is hyping the journey ahead as everybody counts down to the January 7 premiere. Reality Steve’s episode-by-episode spoilers are out — and viewers may want a heads-up on how the eliminations play out this time around.

Colton Underwood will meet 30 bachelorettes during his premiere, and that means they’ll all be scrambling to make a good impression on him. By the end of the first rose ceremony, Bachelor spoilers reveal that seven of those ladies will be sent packing.

Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that the first seven ladies to go are Alex Dillon, Devin Gooden, Erin Landry, Jane Aver, Laura Pellerito, Revian Chang, and Tahzjuan Hawkins. Alex is the bachelorette who shows up in a sloth costume, and it seems that Colton isn’t all that taken with her creative approach.

Episode 2 features dates in Los Angeles, and another four ladies will ultimately be cut. Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that there’s an individual date — and two group dates — and the four ladies who are eliminated are all sent packing at the rose ceremony.

That group reportedly includes Alex Blumberg, Angelique Sherman, Annie Reardon, and Erika McNutt. As Cosmopolitan shares, Bachelor fans may remember Annie as the winner of the short competition Colton experienced while visiting with Ellen DeGeneres on her show — before filming started.

Episode 3 was also filmed in Los Angeles, and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers reveal that Underwood sent Caitlin Clemmens home at the group date after party, as he didn’t see things clicking for them. There apparently is no cocktail party in this episode, as they all gather for a pool party instead. At the rose ceremony, Bri Barnes, Catherine Agro, and Nina Bartula are eliminated.

The fifth show takes Colton and his remaining 15 ladies to Singapore for the next dates. Only two bachelorettes end up without roses in Singapore: Tracy Shapoof and Courtney Curtis. From there, Underwood and his ladies go to Thailand — and another three will be eliminated there.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve share that Elyse Dehlbom will decide at some point in Thailand that she’s ready to head home, so she eliminates herself. At the rose ceremony, it seems that Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Onyeka Ehie are also eliminated.

Episode 6 was filmed in Vietnam, although Reality Steve initially thought these dates would take place in China. Per the Inquisitr, viewers will apparently see Demi Burnett eliminated early by Colton. She’ll head to his hotel room to chat — and he’ll decide that he’s ready for her to head home. In addition, Sydney Lotuaco apparently eliminates herself at some point in this episode.

Also in Vietnam, Katie Morton will get eliminated — and she’ll tell Colton about how Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Cassie Randolph were apparently talking with one another about the possibility of becoming the next Bachelorette. Reality Steve says Underwood isn’t very happy to hear about this discussion between Cassie and Caelynn, but he does keep both of those gals — and cuts Morton.

Episode 7 will focus on Colton being in Denver, Colorado, where he lives. Seven women remain at this point. In Denver, Hannah Brown reportedly got a one-on-one date that led to her elimination. In addition, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers reveal that Heather Martin will bid farewell during the group date in Denver. Apparently, she decides she’s not serious enough about Underwood to introduce him to her family the following week, during hometowns.

Reality Steve wasn’t sure whether it happens during the group date or during a rose ceremony, but he says Cassie gets a rose over Kirpa Sudick, which means that Kirpa is eliminated. As the Inquisitr has revealed, that leaves the final four ladies for hometowns: Tayshia Adams, Caelynn, Cassie, and Hannah Godwin. Caelynn is said to be eliminated after the hometowns, and things get a bit wild from there.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that Tayshia gets her overnight date with Colton, and then Cassie gets hers. This is where things apparently go haywire, per the Inquisitr, as Reality Steve says that Underwood eliminates Adams and Godwin, certain that he wants to keep Randolph. However, Cassie gets cold feet and eliminates herself, leaving Colton with nobody.

After that, Colton is said to head to California — where Cassie lives — to woo her back. The two agree to continue dating without an engagement. Colton and Cassie are said to still be together now, but this is an ending that will have people buzzing.

Will all of Reality Steve’s spoilers for this 2019 season be accurate? Colton Underwood’s Bachelor journey begins on Monday, January 7 — and it sounds like it’ll be quite the wild ride.