WWE News: CM Punk’s Name Gets ‘Censored’ On Latest Episode Of WWE Network’s ‘Edge And Christian Show’


As a result of his acrimonious departure from the WWE in 2014, the chances of CM Punk ever returning to the company in the near future are likely very low. With that in mind, WWE legends Edge and Christian parodied Punk’s arguably persona non grata status in the latest episode of their titular WWE Network show, which censored the former WWE champion’s name, both on screen and during occasions where the hosts would mention it.

As recapped by PWMania, this week’s episode of The Edge and Christian Show included a skit called “Will WWE Talk About It,” where the two longtime friends and former WWE superstars appeared wearing wigs and spinning a “wheel” that had several presumably “forbidden” names and topics on it. In the skit, CM Punk’s name appears on the background, crossed out by a red strip with the word “Censor” on it, while each mention of his name from either Edge or Christian gets beeped out.

The skit ends with Edge asking Christian to “knock it off, or else it’s clobberin’ time,” a reference to Punk’s regular use of Fantastic Four member The Thing’s catchphrase. Christian’s closing reply of “oops, I’m breaking the fourth wall — Colt Cabana, how are you doing?” pertains to a line from Punk’s famed “pipe bomb” promo from the summer of 2011 where he hinted at being self-aware of the promo’s scripted nature and gave a shout-out to his then-close friend, independent wrestling standout Colt Cabana.

As noted on a previous report from Forbes, Punk appeared on Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast several months after he walked out of the WWE following the 2014 Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January of that year. The revelations and allegations Punk, aka Phil Brooks in real life, made on that appearance led to WWE doctor Chris Amann suing him and Cabana for defamation.

While the two were ultimately found not guilty, relations between Punk and Cabana had become tense in recent years, with Cabana, real name Scott Colton, suing Punk in August 2018 over unpaid legal fees relating to the lawsuit previously filed by Amann.

Meanwhile, CM Punk has been adamant in his desire to remain retired from professional wrestling, despite numerous rumors suggesting that he might be considering coming back to WWE and resuming his career in the squared circle. Per Wrestling Inc., Punk debunked these rumors in June, telling TSN Sports’ Aaron Bronsteter that he’s “done with professional wrestling” after close to five years of trying to put sports entertainment “in the rearview mirror.”

Edge and Christian’s apparently playful verbal jabs at Punk were not the first notable ones WWE had made at his expense. In 2016, then-Monday Night Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon reacted to the live audience in Punk’s hometown of Chicago shouting his name by telling them they’d “last one second longer” than he did if they kept chanting for two minutes and 15 seconds. According to Rolling Stone, this was a reference to Punk’s UFC 203 loss against Mickey Gall, where he lost by submission just two minutes and 14 seconds into the first round.