Former Republican Consultant Roasted For Suggesting Democrats Appeal To Her 87-Year-Old Father

William Thomas Cain Getty Images

Cheri Jacobus is a former Republican consultant, columnist, and strategist who is among the longtime GOPers who have spent the Trump years at odds with the president. In fact, Jacobus filed a defamation suit against President Trump after the president tweeted that she was “a real dummy” and a “major loser”. The suit was dismissed in early 2017, per the Washington Times.

However, Jacobus found herself under fire from Democrats this week in response to a Twitter post stating that her 87-year-old father — ostensibly a lifelong Republican — has a preference for which Democratic presidential candidate he might support.

“My 87 yr-old dad is a lifelong Republican (writes $100 checks to GOP orgs) who left POTUS blank in 2016,” Jacobus wrote in the tweet. “Couldn’t vote for either. Says if Dems run Liz Warren he will sit it out again. However, he WOULD/COULD vote for @JoeBiden. Let that sink in. It’s very useful information.”

The responses to the tweet mostly pointed out the way Jacobus’ message exemplified several current tendencies in politics — for Republicans to give Democrats unsolicited political advice, for an exaggeration of the numbers and influence of “Never Trump” Republicans, and the need to compare Elizabeth Warren to Hillary Clinton, despite the two having little in common as candidates aside from both being women.

This exchange came the day after Politico asked, via Twitter, “How does Elizabeth Warren avoid a Clinton redux — written off as too unlikable before her campaign gets off the ground?”

“We should def choose our nominee based on the whims of this former GOP strategist’s dad,” Twitter user Bobby Libby wrote.

“88 year old white man says he would not vote for a woman but would vote for another old white man,” Twitter user Coffee Spoonie wrote. “I, for one, am in shock.”

“Pretty clear that an anecdote based on one old white conservative totally rewrites the entire 2020 narrative and that the only way Democrats can win is to run the skull of Andrew Jackson’s dead body,” Twitter user Erik Loomis wrote.

“How is sexism useful information? Why is this woman’s father some universal voter? Political rhetoric is so stupid,” Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom penned via Twitter.

Others — largely Democrats who are opposed to Biden’s potential candidacy — noted that the support of an elderly lifelong GOPer counts as a mark against choosing Biden.

2019 will be a very political year, as campaigning and primaries begin to spin up in advance of the 2020 presidential elections.