Chrysler CEO Shot In Africa, Remains In ICU

A Chrysler CEO has been shot in Africa and remains in an intensive care unit following the attack.

Chrysler South Africa CEO Trent Barcroft was the victim of a gunshot wound to the stomach during a robbery attack last weekend. Barcroft’s wife Cathy was also present during the violent altercation but was reportedly unharmed.

The robbery occurred when the couple, who are American citizens, were driving on Shakespeare Road in Waterfall Park, Midrand. While the exact details of the events have not been disclosed, Gauteng Captain Kym Cloete confirmed to Sowetan Live that three assailants were involved in the altercation.

According to Cloete, the robbers took jewelery, two cellphones, and Cathy Barcroft’s purse before shooting the Chrysler CEO in the abdomen at approximately 2:45 pm on Saturday.

Business Day Live writes that Trent Barcroft required surgery following the event and is currently recovering in an intensive care unit. He is reportedly doing well and expected to pull through the ordeal.

On Wednesday, Chrysler spokesman Richard Sloman spoke about Barcroft’s condition:

“He’s fine, he’s going to pull through. They operated on Saturday to sort everything out.”

Although Sloman called the incident a random encounter, he also spoke about the steps Chrysler is taking in wake of the incident:


“The head of security from the US arrived on Monday, and it’s possible we’ll improve security at his home and maybe organize him a driver.”

Sloman also commented on the how Cathy Barcroft is coping in the aftermath:

“[She’s] bearing up well under the circumstances. She’s been amazing.”

Authorities have not confirmed if any leads or suspects have been identified but continue to investigate why the Chrysler CEO was shot.