'The Bachelor' 2019 Premiere Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Key Limo Entrances From Colton Underwood's Season

Colton Underwood is facing 30 introductions during Monday night's 2019 premiere of ABC's The Bachelor and every lady is anxious to make a big first impression. The producers tend to nudge the ladies to go big with their arrivals and this upcoming season seems to be no exception. Now gossip king Reality Steve is spoiling some of the most notable limousine exits and viewers have some fun stuff to look forward to in this season.

ABC's press site shares a few Bachelor spoilers about these premiere introductions. One bachelorette arrives in a horse-drawn carriage and a pageant gal calls herself the "hot-mess express." The previews have teased that one woman meets Colton while wearing a sloth costume and it sounds as if that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Reality Steve has watched the premiere and revealed additional Bachelor spoilers about the introductions in Underwood's season. He notes that Caelynn Miller-Keyes arrives with a sash on that notes she is Miss North Carolina on the front, and on the back, it says "Miss Underwood."

Cassie Randolph tells Underwood that she's full of butterflies and she gives him a box filled with butterflies. Unfortunately, it seems the butterflies are all dead. Caitlin Clemmens brings in a balloon that apparently is supposed to be a cherry and she pops it, obviously a play on Colton's virginity. It sounds as if this stunt falls a bit flat, as the Bachelor star thought the balloon was an apple rather than a cherry.

Katie Morton goes with a play on Underwood's virginity, too. The Bachelor spoilers note that she'll have Colton take a card from a deck she brings and it just so happens he picks a card with a "V" on it. Katie takes the card and says she just took his "V card."

Alex Dillon is the gal who wears a sloth costume for much of the night and Erika McNutt tries to make an impression by giving Colton a bag of nuts. Viewers will see a police car with the siren on, and that's for Tracy Shapoff's arrival. She also carries in some handcuffs, but Colton jokes that they should leave those for the fantasy suite.

Bachelorette Alex Blumberg has lost her voice, so she uses cue cards to make her introduction. Contestant Hannah Godwin gives him an empty box of his "favorite" type of underwear, a reference to how he admitted last summer on Bachelor in Paradise that he doesn't like wearing underwear.

It's previously been noted by Inquisitr that Catherine Agro brings her dog and Bachelor spoilers tease that it'll become a running joke that host Chris Harrison ends up taking care of the dog Lucy much of the night. As for the horse-drawn carriage, that'll come as the last introduction as Erin Landry meets Colton and leaves behind a shoe like she's Cinderella.

Which of these first impressions will stick with Colton and which will fall flat? By the end of the premiere, he'll need to send home seven women and Bachelor spoilers suggest that he'll have a tough time keeping track of everybody. Reality Steve has teased that there are some interesting twists and turns this season and everything kicks into gear with the premiere airing on ABC on Monday, January 7.